Winter Activities in Norway



  • Most of us take a break during the cold season. Christmas and New Year breaks fall at these dates. Professionals also prefer to use their paid days off during this time. Of course, people don’t just take breaks during these special holidays. They also take time off to enjoy precious activities in the snow.

    One of the best places to have a trip and feel the cold breeze is in Norway. One-third of Kingdom of Norway is in the Arctic Circle, making it a perfect vacation spot to “let it go and let it snow” to enjoy fully your winter activities.

    Train from Oslo to Bergen

    They call the train ride from Oslo to Bergen or vice versa an all-in-one trip. This trip alone will allow you to see the real beauty of Norway. You can see the radiant forests, the majestic mountains, and the local neighborhood in this 7-hour trip. You can also choose which travel class best suits you (Standard, Komfort, Family Coach, Sleeper) which means you’ll have no problem and be at ease whether you travel with your family, you have to work or need a bed to lie in. Truly, an all-in-one winter escapade cutting through the key cities of Norway.

    Trekking in Tromso

    This city is the gateway to the arctic because of all the polar expeditions that started and left here. Tourists can be arctic explorers here too and create their winter itinerary here. Navigate your way in the snow in three different ways. Let the huskies drag your sled in a fun way as you go dog sledding in the woods. You can also travel longer distances with a snowmobile. Feel the breeze as you pass by the different town trails. Or you can make it a memorable trip with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friends and put snowshoes on and trek your way into the mountains.

    A Cruise in Kirkenes

    Go to Kirkenes port or Bergen port for a gentle cruise towards the arctic. Enjoy the view of the calming fjords aboard the ship. Then enjoy exploring a little the fishing towns where you dock from time to time until you finish you journey. Experts on board will even educate you about the landscape and history of the area while you eat sumptuous Norwegian food.

    Svalbard Nature Trip

    Svalbard is a group of islands between Norway and the North Pole. Make your winter vacation a nature trip and be on the lookout for fascinating creatures. Topping the list are the mighty Polar Bears frolicking in the wild. Feast your eyes as well with seals, reindeers, and even giant whales. While admiring the wilderness, lucky travellers will also get to see the fascinating Northern lights in its full glory.

    Norwegian Cuisine

    Your trip is not complete if you won’t eat like Norsemen. Taste Fårikål a mutton and cabbage dish, Lapskaus, a stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots, swede, and leeks and of course the world-famous Norwegian Waffles, Vafler. Winter is also the best time for seafood. Fresh caught salmon, trout, cods, prawns, mussels, shrimps, and lobsters are abundant this season especially when you’re near the fishing towns.