The 5 best cities in the world to enjoy wine



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    Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it’s one of the most exciting as well! Every bottle is a window to the vinous world, its verdant vineyards, and passionate winemakers, and you can literally spend hours enjoying its flavors and aromas.

    Here we present the five best places to enjoy wine in the world you may not have thought about! And although you’ll find wine in basically every city, some are more compatible with wine’s charming personality. If you had to choose a city to spend a lifetime enjoying fine wine, which would it be?

    Well, here are the best cities in the world to enjoy wine.

    San Francisco, USA

    Photo – tyronebeall, Pixabay

    Although San Francisco is a bustling city, it still retains an old-town feel. The ‘Golden City’ is also a close ride away from California’s most impressive vineyards, including the Sonoma and Napa Valleys.

    To visit these prestigious wine regions, you must start your journey in San Francisco; it’s the fastest route. It’s easy to imagine that San Francisco’s stellar restaurant scene offers the finest wines in California as well, so be prepared for a 5-star meal paired with the best wine in America. With such distinguished vineyards as its backyard, San Francisco is heaven for wine lovers!

    Venice, Italy

    Photo – Free-Photos, Pixabay

    Venice boasts more than impressive architecture and beautiful channels. Sure, riding a gondola should be on everyone’s bucket list, but you also want to visit Venice for the wine.

    For starters, Venice is a fantastic market for the most extraordinary wines produced in Northern Italy, from Amarone to Barolo. Fruity Pinot Grigio abounds as well.

    In fact, you’ll find one of the most varied collections of wine styles in the “City of Masks.” White wine, sweet wine, and bold red wine, you name it, they have it!

    When you are not skiing, you can expect high-end hotels, elegant restaurants, and boutique shops. Courmayeur has a reputation for being stylish, but there are more reasonably priced places to stay too.

    Besides, is there a nicer scenery than Venice to enjoy a glass of wine?

    Barcelona, Spain

    Photo – 12019, Pixabay

    Barcelona is truly the town that never sleeps. We’re talking non-stop partying, and there’s always something delicious to eat and drink at every corner. Add to that the fact that some of the most acclaimed wine regions in Spain are just minutes away from Barcelona, including the source of the famous sparkling wine, Cava, and you’ve got yourself a great city to enjoy wine.

    Robust red wine is also an easy find in Barcelona, courtesy of winemakers in Priorat and other fantastic wine regions around the city!

    And here’s a secret: Going out for tapas, Barcelona’s version of barhopping, is the best way of tasting a dozen wines in a single evening!

    Melbourne, Australia

    Photo – justalf, Pixabay

    Australia is a wine powerhouse for sure; it’s the 8th-largest wine-producing country on earth. And although you’ll find great wine in every major city in the country, there’s something special about Melbourne. This is the capital city of Victoria, where viticulture in Australia was born.

    Melbourne is just an hour away from the prestigious Yarra Valley, home to the country’s finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay — there’s plenty of sparkling wine as well!

    Together with a world-class food scene and centuries-old wine traditions, enjoying wine in Melbourne is easy; it’s part of people’s lifestyle!

    New York, USA

    Photo – Free-Photos, Pixabay

    Did you know the famous wine region around the Finger Lakes is just five hours from New York City? Still, this is not the reason we’ve added the Big Apple to the list. New York is the most extensive market for fine wine globally. You can literally find every wine label produced in the world in the city’s acclaimed wine shops — no matter what your favorite wine is, you’ll find it in NYC.

    And because wine is only half the story, New York City also has the widest variety of food from all over the world. Even some of the sharpest restaurants in America call New Your home.

    What’s Your Favorite City to Enjoy Wine?

    The destinations above are undoubtedly charming, but they’re not the only neat places to enjoy our beloved fermented juice. What are your favorite cities to enjoy a nice glass of wine? We’d love to know! After all, wine is much more exciting when enjoyed in a nice place with good company, don’t you agree?