Why travelling during the Covid-19 Pandemic isn't a bad option



  • It is quite understandable that a lot of people prefer not to travel abroad during the pandemic. But as they say, life goes on, so why not see the other side of travelling nowadays and reap the benefits that come with it.

    Here are some major reasons why you should pack your bags and start exploring the world again!

    Bookable flights to Your Desired Destinations

    The travel industry suffered a major setback during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourist spots with no tourists, airlines with no passengers, and hotels with no bookings. They experienced a great loss on profits during the onset of the virus. Now that a lot of places found ways to cope with the virus, these industries re-opened benefiting avid travelers.

    You may think that flights to your favorite travel spots are unavailable, but actually, it is very possible, lots of options are currently available for you take. Availability of flights may vary depending on the country’s restrictions, but more and more countries are now open to welcome guests. Take advantage, do some research and for sure there’s a destination waiting for you.

    You don’t even have to worry when you go city-hopping for the same is true with other kinds of local transportation. Whether it’s a public one or privately-rented, it’s easily accessible. No need to wait or fall in line for there are fewer passengers, and rentals are just around the corner if you need one. No worries on your planned itinerary.

    More luxurious rooms

    No more worries on getting a double instead of `a single room. You can even upgrade to a suite. Taking vacations are also all about having ample rest. Reward yourself with a more comfortable place to sleep in as you take advantage of this when you travel now.

    Maximize travel packages

    Enjoy doing all the activities you want instead of being extra thrifty and picking just one. Recently, travel and tour packages offer, if not everything on the table, a wide variety of discounts and promos to attract more tourists. Get everything extra on a reasonable price!

    A Healthy Mindset

    All travelers are very careful with their health especially when they go abroad. You even consider getting shots to prevent yourself from catching foreign diseases so that you won’t have an emergency hospital visit.

    But nowadays, with strict health protocols in place, you will travel with extra comfort. It is nice to know that everybody has great concern and support for a clean bill of health. With all the Corona virus measures too, you’re implausible to be infected easily (as long as you’re vaccinated, of course!)

    Having this mindset will give you a more soothing feeling to enjoy as many activities as you want!

    For sure, no pain, all gain!

    Unwinding with Social Distancing

    As much as we crave for socializing from time to time, we travel to relax. And undoubtedly, relaxation is not attainable when you travel to different crowded areas. Tourist destinations nowadays are not filled with too many people. You can easily have undivided attention from your partners, friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy hopping from one special place to another without interruptions. Feel like a VIP as you try local activities with special treatment. Maximize the offered services wherever you go. You may even exploit it as you do it over and over again to your heart’s delight.

    Food and Services availability

    Sometimes we get really disappointed when we travel for a specific reason and it’s not available.

    We craved and craved for food only to find out its not available. We have been looking forward to a ride only to see the long lines in queue. There also times where we don’t get to stay where we want because it’s fully booked.

    Given the world’s current situation, we can get all we want at the touch of our fingertips. One can say that there are very few competitions! For sure, the probability of the availability is very high, and everything is ready to be consumed and enjoyed!

    Mental Health Stability

    We are all protecting our physical health nowadays, but never forget to check and balance your mental health. The pandemic forced us into lockdowns where days turn into weeks, weeks into months and for some, months turned to more than a year. Staying at home made us more creative as we do homebound activities to adapt to our environment. But who can honestly say that they are not bored at home? As they say, no man is an island, we need to get out!

    What better way to take care of our mental health by going outside and exploring the outdoors! Seeing the outside world will refresh our mindset and gain new perspective. Exposing ourselves to new places will also remind us of our normal lives back then. It will also give us a sense that the world did not stop, and it keeps on turning and it’s just waiting for us to see it.

    Travelling locally and abroad not only relieves our mental health but it also gives us more power to say, that you are ready to conquer all the challenges in life that is thrown at you.

    Local People’s Reception

    You are not the only one who’ll benefit from travelling to a new place. The locals and workers from your destination are also surely happy to welcome you! Hospitality is in every corner of the world! Everybody is excited to see everybody! For sure, you’ll be welcomed with open and loving arms as you visit. Seeing somebody else after a long lockdown will hype everyone’s emotions. You’ll see excited faces wherever you go!

    Given the current economic state of most places nowadays, travellers will also be of big help not only to the establishments but to the workers as well. A lot of workers, like tourist guides, hotel staff and waiters directly suffered from this wide epidemic. Availing their products and services is a way of helping their livelihood. Isn’t it nice to know that you are helping others while having fun?

    Bucket list unlocked!

    The world changes dramatically these days but we should be reminded that we are still here to fully experience it! Staying in is comfortable and might even be fun but at the end of the day, did you really achieve your dreams in the four corners of your house?

    Life is meant to be lived! And the world needs to be travelled! You only live once, why waste your days sulking in the same place repeatedly. As you go out locally or abroad, you gain experiences and you experience happiness. The more stories you tell the more you actualize your life.

    We can’t contest that there are benefits in travelling during the pandemic. We can definitely still enjoy places we’ve never been to before during these trying times. But the keyword remains, safety.

    We should travel safely, eat safely, play safely, and enjoy safely. Ultimately, we are in charge of ourselves. We are our body’s best protectors. We know our capabilities, we know our limits, we know where our feet can take us, and we know what’s best for us. So why not achieve all these now through travelling, “the world is your oyster’. Go ahead, the world is waiting for you.