Walk with the Gods of Greece



  • Greek Mythology have peaked the interests of many for ages. The stories about the gods, goddesses and other deities fascinate us especially because it is associated a lot with actual places standing until today.

    Travel to the beautiful country of Greece and search for these mystic places and get to know the power it holds over the people.


    If you are to visit the Gods of Greece, you are obligated first to visit the capital of the nation. Old Athens holds mysteries that will boggle your mind. It is believed that Gods fought over this land to claim their domain.


    Southeast to the mainland of Greece is the sacred island of Delos. This archeological site is very essential to the country’s history and tourism. A very small number of people live here but its reputation as the island that Poseidon gifted to Zeus for the birth of his children, Apollo and Artemis, continue to lure in a lot of tourists.

    Mount Olympus

    According to folklore, Mount Olympus was the home of the Gods. The titans led by Zeus controlled everything from up here. Nowadays, the highest mountain of Greece is a national park where you’ll see a great biodiversity of flora and fauna.


    Ithaca is famous around the world as the home of Odysseus. This is where the latter and his wife Penelope devoted their love for each other. This inspiring story serves as good backstory as vacationers stay in the scenic island.


    Right at the foot of Mount Parnassus is what is said to be the center of the Earth for it connects the most scared and important sites of Ancient Greece. Explore the archeological history of this ancient world as you stay in the traditional neighborhood in town.