Visit the large lakes of Finland



  • While other countries have hundreds, Finland has around 180,000 lakes!

    These numerous clear waters resulted from the ice age, leaving the country with beautiful bodies of water. Surrounding these lakes are incredible flora and fauna that is worth seeing. Plan your next visit in Finland and go to as many lakes as you can while enjoying the scenery and different lake activities.

    Lake Saiima

    Saiima is the largest in the country. It is located in Finnish Lakeland which is the largest among the four geography divisions of the nation’s territory. You can drive here for around 2 and a half hours from the capital, Helsinki, making it a favorite amongst tourists for its accessibility. Round the year activities are made available for travellers here. Topping the list of activities are Canoeing and Kayaking. Explore the vast area of the lake and the islands while paddling your way in the waters. You can also go to the forests, hike, and pick berries

    Lake Pajianne

    You can go to Lake Pajianne by land, water, or air. Daily trips to towns in the area is an adventure itself. You can choose the scenic routes, or go through villages like Lahti or Vassky, or enjoy boat rides to your main destination.

    The water in the lake is clean and drinkable which just proves that it is the best of nature. Pajianne National Park will not fail in showing you diverse wildlife which will take your breath away. There are thousands of cottages where you can stay at and most of them have separate sauna cottages that you can enjoy during the winter along with dog sledding and ice fishing.

    Lake Nasirjavi

    You can find this wonderful basin in Tampere. This lake is known for boat cruises for every occasion. Set off to sea to celebrate a romantic trip with your partner, a birthday celebration for your family, a bachelor or bachelorette party with your friends or a conference cruise with your colleagues. Whatever the reason for the occasion, you can enjoy nature, use the built-in boat saunas, splash to the waters and have the best time of your life.

    Lake Inari

    Travel to the north, go to Lapland and visit Lake Inari. Apart from enjoying the frozen waters, ice fishing and glorious stay in camps, this is where you chase natural phenomena. Inari is located above the arctic circle which is why this is the place to experience two majestic events, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Point your heads towards the sky and see the dancing lights or experience longer daylight when you come to visit here.

    Lake Pielinen

    Mark your way to the lake Eastern Finland and visit the Koli National Park and Paalasmaa Island. The Park is a photographer’s heaven with scenic views everywhere. Capture the snow in the hills, admire the meadows, look at different hues of flowers and take shots of the roaming animals in the area. Be one with nature and go snowshoeing to see the beautiful white surroundings on the marked trails. You can also choose to go horse riding across the farmyards. Paalasmaa Island on the other hand, is an archipelago of three islands connected by bridges. Get on your bike and exercise with beautiful scenery as you go along the roads in the islands. Paalasmaa is also the highest island in Finland. You can go to the observation tower and get a panoramic view of the city along with lots of birdwatching.