Visit the Land of Poets, Chile!



  • Chile is known as the country of poets. Chilean poetry expressed overflowing emotions about their daily lives, politics, people, and surroundings. The great takeaways from these literatures influenced the whole nation making it their cultural backbone.

    Learn more about these creative pieces when you travel to this nation in the western part of South America. Discover Chile in an epic way through its four greatest poets. Why not educate yourself in the actual cities where these famous rhymists hail from? Be more artistic as you travel the land of poets.

    Pablo Neruda of Santiago, Chile

    He is the most celebrated poet in Chile. He received Nobel prize for literature in 1971. His works reflected political issues and public concerns at that time subsequently giving him the title “the people’s poet.”

    Neruda has 3 houses in Chile which are now public museums: Casa de Isla Negra in Isla Negra, La Chascona in Santiago, La Sebastiana in Valparaíso.

    Other activities in Santiago

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    During your stay in Santiago, go snowboarding and skiing in Valle Nevado. You can also go to Cajon del Maipo, a huge gorge where you can hike and camp. It is also a popular spot for birdwatching especially for Andean Condors.

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    Vicente Huidobro of Cartagena, Chile

    Huidobro is one of Chile’s innovative poets of the 20th century. He was very forward with his work gradually gearing literature to modernism and ultraism where new verses and metrics were used in poetry deviating from its original style. His writing, specifically “La reforma” or the reform even made him an unofficial candidate for national presidency due to his excellent manifestation of political concern.

    The Vicente Huidobro House Museum is in Cartagena, on the central coast of Chile. His first edition works, photographs and manuscripts are featured there as well as the poetic epitaph his daughter made for his tomb.

    Other activities in Cartagena

    Like Huidobro, Viña Casa Marín also tries to be an innovative winery. Their vineyard thrives in a cool climate providing the “Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World.” Book the place for exclusive wine tasting and overnight stays. You can also choose to relax in the beach in Rompe Olas with budget-friendly accommodations.

    Pablo de Rokha of Lincanten

    This winner of the “National Literature Award” in 1965 is a creative writer who focused on ethical idealism. He is very outspoken even to his contemporaries. Pablo Neruda, also one of the four greatest poets of Chile, is his greatest rival. His loud testaments earned him the respect of the literary world and the Chilean people.

    When in Lincanten

    The author’s birthplace is Lincanten, Chile. During your stay, go to the coast of Iloca and stay near the beach in the best hotels around the area. Try out Chilean cuisine, like their authentic Empanadas.

    Gabriela Mistral of Vicuna

    Gabriela Mistral’s body of work is a result of her years of travelling and teaching. She was able to empathize with the people surrounding her, bringing forth their feelings and dreams in her poetry.

    She broke boundaries at that time by writing from a female perspective, making her a national heroine, who’s now in Chile’s 5000 pesos bill.

    The Gabriela Mistral Museum is located in the City of Vicuña. It features the author’s original furniture, possessions and exceptional letters, poems, and other forms of literature.

    Other activities in Vicuña, Chile

    This municipality is best known for stargazing. Use powerful telescopes in Planetario Natural Alfa Aldea for a modern astronomical experience or go to Elqui Valley, it’s remote location and high elevation is perfect for a night out under the stars.