Virtual Reality: A great addition to travelling



  • Technology and modern innovations continue to change our daily lives. We constantly hear software, applications, and robots being developed to ease our way of living. Artificial Intelligence or AI are quite remarkable nowadays that they even replace humans for certain tasks. The same occurrence goes for travelling nowadays, virtual reality and a completely new metaverse are being created to bring forth faraway places to the palm of your hands. The question now is, will it completely change how people travel?

    The answer is still a big no, but it does pave way to a new kind of travelling which has its benefits and disadvantages. But as the famous expression goes, let’s go with the flow, and check out what this alternate reality is really all about.

    What is Virtual Reality (VR) Travelling?

    VR is a fictitious reality that imitates the real world. In the case of the travelling industry, local hotspots and landmarks abroad are digitally created inside this reality. Restaurants, museums, and hotels are aptly copied giving the VR users a close to “real reality experience” of vacationing without stepping out of their houses.

    This type of travelling can be done not just with specially made VR headset, nowadays VR tours are readily available in your PC and mobile phones. Accessing various websites will give you a 360-degree view of the places you want to visit.

    Evolving Metaverse

    A metaverse is a socially connected universe in the digital world. In other words, it is a community within virtual reality. Different metaverse exist now in computer games, social media, and digital communities. Newly created things and landmarks bring delight and purpose to those who enter this universe. This continuously growing and developing community poses a new way of travelling as well, for augmented realities like this definitely lures a person to visit this exciting new world.

    Will this change travelling totally?

    As mentioned above, this then futuristic, now very much available way of travelling is still far from changing the traveller’s perspective as a whole. Nothing beats the original, right? While our senses are completely tickled in this approach, we can all agree that nothing beats the authentic experience of travelling the real destinations. The real thing is still the best thing. While this aggrandized reality is really amazing and visually astonishing, it is still on the fake side.

    Merge of Traditional and Virtual Reality Travelling

    The two ways of “travelling” are very much different as much as we want to categorize it in the same industry. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot benefit from each other. As a result of this “merger” a lot of agencies, websites and different companies offer a mix of these services to continue to captivate its customers. Digital tours and VR packages are now offered to entice vacationers first and give them a whiff of what to expect in their upcoming vacation. This makes them choose their preferred trip, where they can subsequently offer the best travel package for them.

    This perfect combination ultimately takes travelling a notch higher in giving perfect vacations to everyone.

    All in all, the availability of virtual reality nowadays is a step forward to the betterment of the travelling industry. This technology brings tourism to more places and demographics in an enjoyable way. Boosting travelling will then in turn bring people from all around the world to come together as we share places together.