“Unique Places to Sleep in” in Sweden



  • When we travel, our goal is to make the most of it and have the best stories to tell when we go back home. We plan our itinerary well and make sure that we’ll have the best worthwhile adventure. When you visit Sweden, you can definitely enjoy the top tourist spots such as the Vasa Museum, Drottningholm Palace, Liseberg Theme Park, Oresund Bridge and Abisko National Park to name a few. But did you know that what interests a lot of tourists here is where you can spend the night? Sweden offers a lot of eccentric yet quite special ways to have a good night’s sleep. Hey, holidays just come once in a while so why not sleep through the night the royal way, right?

    Sleep in the Ice Hotel (Jukkasjarvi, Sweden)

    Let all the worries go and book a cozy stay in a chilling yet stunning place. Be surrounded with wonderful ice sculptures left and right in this hotel. Apart from the beautiful art pieces, get to enjoy sumptuous Swedish cuisines and cool beverages during your stay. Join in wilderness camps near the Torne River where you can experience year long arctic activities with your family and friends.

    Sleep under the lake in Utter Inn (Vasteras, Sweden)

    Located in Lake Malaren is a cottage with a surprise underneath. Get to sleep ten feet below completely surrounded by water. Have a private aquarium experience as you see marine life on the other side of your walls. This place will also give you a soothing sleep as the current rocks you gently overnight. During the day, visit the nearby tourist spots, Vasteras Cathedral and Vallby Open Museum.

    Sleep in TreeHotel (Harads, Sweden)

    Four to six meters above the ground are cabins that will get you in touch with nature once again. This eco-friendly place is truly a destination where you can mellow down and just appreciate the gift of life. Enjoy the scenery with the birds in the morning and if you’re lucky, the northern lights at night. Around the vicinity are saunas, spas and restaurants that will make your stay even more amazing.

    Sleep in the Top Hotels of Sweden

    Live luxuriously and get the best sleep in the best hotels in Sweden. Dream away all night long in a good bed then get advantage of the amenities and services available as you stay close to the places you plan to go. Book now in these top hotels.

  • Ett Hem (Stockholm)
  • Wanas Restaurant Hotel (Skane)
  • Yacht Hotel (Stockholm)
  • Grand Hotel (Stockholm)
  • PM & Vanner Hotel (Samaland)
  • Hotel Diplomat (Stockholm)
  • Kosta Boda Art Hotel (Kosta)
  • Elite Plaza Hotel Goteborg (Gothenburg)
  • Bomans Hotel and Restaurant (Trosa)
  • Copperhill Mountain Lodge (Are)
  • BauerGarden (Granna)