Tripwerkz Travel Guide to Phnom Penh, Cambodia



  • Cambodia has a very colorful history. In fact, the country changed its name six times in 60 years.

    Its remarkable past left wonderful remnants that is worth visiting. While palpable cultures from India, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand continue to pique the interest of tourists. All of these make Cambodia a sure-fire hit to vacationers.

    Phom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia is filled with various adventures perfect for any kind of vacationer. Whether you visit for history, natural wonders or shopping, it will be within reach in the nation’s principal city.

    Phnom Penh

    Airport: Phnom Penh International Airport
    Currency: Cambodian riel KHR
    Around 4000 KHR = 1 USD
    Weather: Around 25° to 30° all year round

    Royal Palace

    Feel the elegance of the crown in the king’s residence. Pay a visit to the main buildings of the royal grounds (Throne Hall, Moonlight Pavilion, Silver Pagoda, Khemarin Palace) and marvel at the regal architecture.

    ATV Tours

    A lot of dirt roads are found here overlooking the rice paddies, villages, and fields. You can also plan your route to the historic fields where sadly over 1 million died because of the Cambodian Civil War.

    Phnom Penh Market, Russian Market, Central Market, Olympic Market.

    Find novelty, quality items and authentic Cambodian food in these busy markets. Purchase the perfect souvenirs in every corner that will remind you how great your trip was.

    Tara and Kanika Boats

    Sail along Mekong or Tonle sap on Tara or Kanika boats. Unwind aboard as you enjoy your pick of mouth-watering dishes and various kinds of entertainment.

    Street food

    If you fancy eating like a real Cambodian, a food trip on the streets is a must. Be on the lookout for Lort Cha (Cambodian Short Stir-Fry Egg Noodles), Kralan (Cambodian Bamboo Sticky Rice) and Num Kachay (Chive Cakes).

    If you wanna try something more adventurous, try looking for these unique ones along the streets.

    Dried snails, worms, spiders, and crickets. You can find these in carts sold cheap by cup or in a bucket.

    Sisowath Quay Boardwalk

    This pathway is best known for its beautiful view of the sunset. Stroll with snacks and a can of beer in your hand in your time here.

    Koh Dach

    Visit the small island outside the city and experience rural living. This is also known as the Silk Island, a weaving village where looms turn into fancy cloth, hats, bags, and other accessories.