Choose Your Own Adventure, Travel Solo in Quebec!



  • Who said travelling alone isn’t fun? Take control of your own destiny and plan your own Itinerary.

    Quebec, Canada’s picturesque streets will be perfect for walk tours and other solo activities as you continue to choose what to do and where to go on your own.

    Château Frontenac

    Book a themed room and experience history. Rooms are modeled to honor of international Conferences, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Queens that molded their city.

    Treat yourself like royalty and feel like a VIP as you embark on the city’s rich history!

    Old Quebec Walking Tour

    Get more valuable information as you listen to a commentary’s guide as you walk by the different historical sites in town.

    Go down the streets like a local and admire a new place while pondering on life then perhaps even gain new perspectives!

    Upper Town (Haute-Ville) Walking Tour

    Join a walking tour and pass by the city’s modern developments and structures. Then buy precious souvenirs and eat sumptuous food in the numerous shops and restaurants in the area.

    Remember that you are travelling alone to have an absolutely amazing me-time so pamper yourself with good food and great things to buy along with the best services the city can offer.

    Parliament Building

    Learn more about Quebec’s humble beginnings to its current state of power as you take a tour of the National Assembly’s home.

    Allot some time for a quick education. Acquiring new knowledge during your trip will make you make you even better.

    Capital Observatory

    Take a ride at the Old Quebec Funicular and admire the city-view from the top.

    Take a mental picture along with your selfies to engrave this memory forever.

    Québec-Levis Ferry

    Fancy a ferry ride at St. Lawrence river and pull a camera out to have great mementos.

    A cruise is always fun! Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a friend or two during in the middle of the water.

    Jacques-Cartier National Park

    It’s your call whether you’ll hike, bike, ski or even ride kayak when you visit this nature reserve. Make your solo trip more memorable as you commune with nature.

    What’s more calming and adventurous at the same time than a nature trip? This would be one great story to tell about your solo trip. Relax your mind, body and heart as you visit this wondrous park.

    Plains of Abraham

    Stroll the fields and visit the museum where you’ll find artifacts from pivotal “Battle of the Plains of Abraham” in 1759 between France and Britain integral to the formation of Canada.

    Be encouraged and boost your confidence as you get inspired with bravery in this tour, helping you in the end ready to face new life challenges when you return home.