Travel Reminders For Beginners



  • A lot of us dream of going abroad. Our excitement to see a whole new place and experience a different culture fill our hearts as we consider this as our own way of conquering the world. But just like any other minor or major expeditions, careful planning and wise anticipation of problems should be done. As much as we want to “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) our way and go to different places and do activities as they come and see fit, we have to admit that this is kind of risky to all travellers especially to the first timers.

    With this in mind, it is best to heed these tips and be armed with proper information before setting on foot to your first journey. Bear in mind the following advice and perhaps it may even save you in a trouble or two.

    Research, research, and research

    As mentioned before, as much as we want to go on our merry way and be real adventure and thrill seekers with no information beforehand, this would rather be more difficult than what you hoped for even for beginners. There are a lot of things to consider before venturing to a new place. You have to be “in the know” of the smallest to the biggest detail of airport to landmark concerns.

    Passports, Identification cards, and all sorts of travel documents should be within your reach when needed. Hotels. hostels or wherever you will stay should not ideally just be booked in advance but checked out as well. It’s cleanliness, accommodation services and security should not be disregarded. As for your itinerary, you don’t want to be disappointed after flying out several miles just to find out you did not make it in time of its operation hours or is totally closed on that day to the public.

    Your preparation should also include research on the culture and laws of the region. You don’t want to make enemies nor violate a regulation in a foreign place. Respecting your destination’s traditions and know-hows will prevent you from getting unwanted stares and problems that might ruin your trip. Also remember that it is possible that what’s normal in your city might be offensive or just plain different in their town. All this preparation and information might seem trivial and a tad too much, but why not be ready and aware, right? And for sure, in the midst of your research you’ll also find out cool and better ways on how to fully enjoy where you’re going as you grasp the culture and essence of your trip.

    Be wise with your money

    You’ll definitely be planning your budget weeks ahead your trip. For sure, you’ll be excited to go from place to place, get into restaurants here and there and buy souvenirs from shop to shop. But it is always a good reminder that your money is important before, during and after your trip. Before your trip, it is best to have a contingency budget even before you fly abroad. An emergency wallet that is big enough to cover not just emergencies but sudden purchases or services urges. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to experience something unexpected that you really want to try out in your travels. Being intelligent with your prepared money in this case will prevent you from saying “I’ll try or buy it next time” which honestly seldom comes true to most people. And of course, as much as we don’t want anything unforeseen or bad to happen, some things are inevitable and you need to be ready to pay, like additional fees or pay extra fare or accommodations (for example, if you get lost) as required by the situation. During your trip, your main concern should be overspending.

    Vacationers’ excitement sometimes make you forget your allotted budget. You should have total control over your money matters. You don’t want to be short as you go on in your trip. Sticking to your pre-planned expenses will somehow assure you that you’ll get to do everything you want to do in the course of your trip. Lastly, money is important even after your trip for we know that life will go on when you return to your home. Though some people are okay with spending all their life savings in one trip, it is still better to keep some in your pocket for your return to your real world. We are all for happiness and relaxation, but who wants to have debts or inability to provide for their needs when you go back home.

    What to bring?

    Yes, your destination dictates what you should bring. The proper clothes, shoes and other stuff comes along with it. But don’t fall into the tendency of packing too much (unless you’ll be in it for a long haul). As much as you want to be prepared in every scenario you might encounter, packing a lot will just be bothersome for you. We are not saying to travel light, but rather telling that you should pack just enough. Having the right amount of luggage will give you ease wherever you go. No need to drag unnecessary things from one spot to the other. And in most cases, you’ll end up with more baggage compared to when you left. You have to save space for souvenirs and other purchases you’ll acquire during your trip.

    Be on the safe side

    Some people prefer to be mysterious and not tell a soul where they’re off too. They may have their own reasons in doing so but for safety and security reasons, it is advised that you inform someone about your future whereabouts. It’s not saying a “127 hours” movie scenario will happen but rather an advice to be on the safe side. You’ll never be able to predict a bumpy situation anyway.

    Also be on the lookout of your safety at all times. Upon arriving in a foreign land, check out fire exits, police HQs, and perhaps embassies and immigration offices just in case you need one.

    During your travels, you’ll encounter lots of good people around the world, but remain critical and logical as well. It can’t be helped that there are scammers and such in other places especially in tourist spots. Being careful in different situations is more often better than being carefree. You are your best your best protection. The probability of these not happening is huge, but you don’t want this kind of experience in your first trip.

    With all these in mind, nothing will stop you from having a marvelous trip. What are you waiting for? Book your next destination now!