Visiting Germany? You Must Visit These 5 cities!



  • The powerhouse of Europe, Germany has a history much more profound than beer, cars, wars, and Oktoberfest. Of course, you’ll find all of this in scenic Germany, but the architecture, multiculturalism, and festivals make the country incredibly unique. With a myriad of cities, Germany has many places to explore, each with its own culture, beauty, and historical significance. Here are our top five picks for cities to visit in Germany.

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    As the capital of Germany, Berlin is the country’s biggest city. World-renowned as an international metropolis, it draws crowds from every walk of life for its experimental art, diverse museums, striking modern architecture, communist history, and bustling food and nightlife scene. Make sure you check out some of the most famous architecture when you visit, like the TV Tower, the Reichstag (you can go into this parliamentary building), the Berlin Wall, and the Berlin Cathedral. You’ll love the multiculturism, atmosphere, and history of Berlin and may, in fact, forget you’re in Germany.


    For a more traditional view of Germany, head to the Bavarian city of Munich. Near the towering Alps Mountain range, the city has impressive museums, breathtaking architecture, and the iconic Marienplatz. Munich is most famous for its yearly Oktoberfest. People dress in traditional Bavarian outfits to celebrate beer with festivals and, of course, drinking over the last weeks of September and the beginning of October.


    The second-largest city in Germany is well worth a visit. Hamburg is a beautiful harbour city and an important transportation hub in Europe. Explore the canals as you wander through historical architecture, the traditional fish market, and the red-light district. This city is also known to have the most brides in the world. Plan your romantic travels and see more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined, it’s a lesser known yet just as historic of a city to enjoy in Europe.


    Cologne is one of the oldest cities in the world. With 12 Romanesque churches, including the largest Gothic Cathedral of northern Europe, you’ll get a good dose of history as you wander through the Rhine River city. Learn about the early roman history of Germany, try the local Kölsch beer, and taste some authentic German food in a place founded in 38 BC. If you come before Lent, you’ll be treated to a Fat Tuesday celebration like no other, complete with festivals, parades, dress-up, and rowdy singing and dancing.


    Dresden is an idyllic city just a couple hour train ride from Berlin. You’ll be immediately swept away by the baroque architecture and art pieces housed in this city nicknamed the “Florence of the Elbe”. Although you would never know from looking at the architecture, the city was largely rebuilt after the World War II bombing. After About 80% of the buildings were decimated, Germany rebuilt the structures to their former beauty. Visitors can admire the Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace, and the Fürstenzug. You can also enjoy a jovial time at a local beer garden, the cigarette factory, or one of the many restaurants in the city.