Planning a trip to Canada? Visit these 5 places!



  • Canada is the land of breathtaking scenery, massive mammals, and maple syrup!

    With beautiful cultural cities to visit and serene landscapes to admire, it’s impossible to list all the fantastic places in the second-largest country in the world.

    But if we must narrow it down, here are some of the best Canadian cities and towns to visit. We’ve chosen both famous destinations and lesser-known hubs of Canadian beauty and hospitality.

    Banff, Alberta

    Banff is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, if not the world. Located an hour and a half drive from the bustling Canadian city of Calgary, Banff is one of the must-visit attractions in western Canada, with towering Rocky Mountains, as well as glistening blue lakes for postcard-worthy photos

    There is an infinite number of hikes to explore, but visitors to the small mountain town of Banff and the surrounding national park will enjoy the Banff Gondola, Banff Upper Hot Springs, and a forty-minute drive to the world-renowned Lake Louise. With plenty of opulent hotels to choose from, enjoy the wilderness the comfortable way!

    Victoria, British Columbia

    The City of Gardens is located in Vancouver Island, a short ferry ride from Vancouver. A bit smaller and more walkable than its bigger city counterpart, Victoria boasts billions of flowers, the most restaurants per capita of any Canadian city, the British Columbia capital building, and the oldest Chinatown in Canada. Enjoy the Harbour Walk, restaurants, Buchart Gardens, Empress Hotel, Legislature Building while you’re visiting. Plus, the local food is definitely superb!

    Toronto, Ontario

    The most visited city in Canada is also the largest in the country. With a vibrant multicultural community, you’ll be sure to find a diverse choice of food and attractions while you’re in Toronto. Of course, you’ll want to visit the iconic CN Tower. Take a ferry to the Toronto Islands for skyline views of the city, then visit the excellent Royal Ontario Museum to learn more about its history. Located less than a couple hours from the famous Niagara Falls, there are plenty of tours from Toronto to the thunderous natural marvel.

    Quebec City

    Located three hours northeast of Montreal, Quebec City will make you feel like you’re in Europe. As the only fortified city north of Mexico, you can wander the historical cobblestone streets for Old World charm, check out the boutiques, and learn about French Canadian history in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A smaller yet dynamic city, it’s more compact, historical, and romantic than its bigger counterpart, Montreal.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Atlantic Canada has its own unique culture and feel, and its biggest city is an excellent introduction to the friendliness, beauty, and history of Canada’s easternmost provinces. Halifax maintains a small-town feel with all the cultural amenities of a large city. With a picturesque waterfront, lovely sailboats, festivals, and fascinating architecture, you will feel at home in this beautiful city. Don’t forget to try some local Atlantic seafood and a maritime pub while you’re visiting.