5 Things To Do in New Zealand



  • This “Paradise in the Pacific” is a country where majestic mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and beaches can be found. We can really say that New Zealand’s group of islands is a travelling haven for activity-seekers. Numerous places here offer different worthwhile forms of recreation that will make your holidays one for the books.

    Cliff jumping in Shotover Canyon Swing

    Make your way to Queenstown New Zealand and try the “chair of death”. This swing is the highest cliff jump in the world. You can even choose how you would plummet down depending on how courageous you are. You can try to freefall, go down while riding a bike, through a slide, or even do it in tandem. Whatever you choose, get ready to go down 360 meters above the Shotover River.


    Cycling is a very popular sport in New Zealand. Exciting trails can be found in the whole country. You can choose to ride in an urban city like Auckland. (Just be careful for you’ll be riding along with other motorists) You can also go cycling on the countryside and pass by the trails in the mountain. And if prefer to stay nearby, you can book indoor tracks for practice.

    Why wouldn’t you go to the most visited museum in the world. This famed gallery houses the best artworks in history. Everybody lines up to see different statues, sculptures, historic artifacts, and paintings. The champion among these, the epic Mona Lisa. Be in awe as you walk by every floor of the museum. Not only are the displays fascinating, but the whole structure itself. Did you know that the museum used to be a palace? Before it became what it is today, King Philip II called it home. After educating yourself with notable art pieces from the past to modern ones. You can also take a walking tour to the grand gardens around the building to have that full Louvre experience.

    Here are come popular trails you can visit.

  • Otago Central Rail Trail
  • Hawke's Bay Trails
  • Kapiti Expressway
  • Christchurch Trail
  • Rimutaka Incline
  • Volcano Hiking in Tongariro Alpine Crossing

    Add a lot more excitement to your hiking experience and go visit this volcanic area. Walk by the lava fields, impressive calderas and a steaming volcano. Feel the altitude rise as you hike in this more challenging yet impressive terrain. Labeled as the world’s best volcano hike, get to see the famed, Mount Doom as your background. This strenuous climb also features a lot of vegetation at the end of the tracks making it a truly rewarding experience.

    Hobbiton Movie Set

    A lot of people know New Zealand because of the blockbuster trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Have the ultimate fan experience and book tickets for this movie set in Matamata. Get to see the shire and live like a hobbit or a halfling for a day. See the cute and tiny houses in the films and enjoy the grand banquets prepared for you. Who knows, maybe Frodo is just around the corner, right?

    Swim with dolphins

    New Zealand is not just known for beautiful landscapes. Since it’s a country with several islands, the waters are also very pristine. Not only is it beautiful to look at but also rich in marine life. One of its best come-ons is swimming with intelligent dolphins. Swim and play with the wild dolphins which will definitely touch your heart.

    Visit these top places to experience swimming with the Dolphins.

  • Kaikoura
  • Hawke's Bay Trails
  • Akaroa
  • Tauranga
  • Marlborough Sounds
  • The Bay of Islands