The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation



  • Whenever you think of going to Hawaii, you’re mind immediately goes to the serene blue waters. But to get that ultimate vacation experience, let us help you explore the other activities you can do in the islands to take your trip a notch higher.

    Hawaii Volcanoes

    Fill your trip with excitement as you visit two of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. Make your way to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and hike along the lava fields. Appreciate the native rain-forests in the area and be in awe with the fascinating geological features formed from the continuous eruption of these volcanoes. Bring your walking shoes and learn more from local tour guides and experts.

    Snorkeling with Turtles and Manta Rays

    Swimming in the Pacific Ocean is indeed a top priority in Hawaii. But why not dive deeper into the waters and make your trip even more thrilling. Surround yourself with different marine life as you dive or snorkel under water. Swim with the sea turtles and Manta Rays in the ocean. You can even take pictures and videos which will make you forever appreciate the wonders of the deep. Dive tours are around 45 minutes to an hour giving you enough time to see the beauty beneath the surface.

    Play Golf

    Golfing in Hawaii is quite a different experience. Imagine playing in a golf course with a 360-degree beautiful view. Players also appreciate the challenge in these courses for apart from yards of greens, unexpected volcanic grounds and water hazards are around, giving them more satisfying wins.

    Whale watching

    Not everybody gets to see the biggest creatures on earth. So why not sail to the ocean and set forth to see whales. You can book cruises or medium-sized sailboats to experience this. While waiting, enjoy a fun time in the waters and go swimming and snorkeling. Make this a part of your itinerary and for sure every moment will be gold.

    Be a volunteer

    Hawaii is very productive of their environment and culture. That’s why there are a lot of volunteer programs all year long that tourists can join to support their efforts. You can plant more trees in preserved spots, help protect local ponds or learn the culture and traditions of the indigenous groups. Not only will you help conserve and protect Hawaii, it will be eye-opening too.