The Best Treks in Nepal



  • Nepal is best known for its mountainous landscapes. Topping them all is the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest, a dream trekking location for a lot of professional climbers. But of course, this is not the only trail in the country. Various trails welcome hikers whether they’re beginners or experienced ones.

    If you are looking for an adventure above high ground, pack your bags and supplies and go up the Himalayas in the heart of Nepal.

    Mount Everest Base Camp

    Not everyone should or can reach to the top of Mount Everest. But hiking in its lower grounds will leave a big check mark in your life bucket list. The base camp is on two opposite sides, the north side in Tibet and the south side in Nepal. A Sherpa, a nomad local, will guide you to the easier routes in the mountain. One of the biggest rules when hiking here is not to deviate from what your guide tells you. The obvious being the dangers that the unfamiliar surroundings bring. Do take note that hiking here is mostly acclimating, not just to the weather but to the customs and other ways of living of the villagers who consider this their home. After finishing this trek, one can at least say that they’ve conquered Everest.

    The Annapurna Circuit

    This trek in the Annapurna Massif is also on the green side of the mountains. If you want to be one with nature, choose to walk this path. You will come across vast fields, forests, rivers, and waterfalls. You may also come across mountain bikers in the constructed roads in the nearby villages. This route also directs you to Tilicho Base Camp which can be found along the lake, Tilicho Tal, where you can relax with the serene view.

    Langtang Trek

    Choose this route and get to know more about the culture of Nepal. Aside from the majestic view of the Langtang Valley, Buddhism found its roots here. Pass by Kyangjin Gompa, a Buddhist monastery, when you stay in a guesthouse in the area. The locals are here are known to be very hospitable despite experiencing hardships brought about by the 2015 big earthquakes. Get to see domesticated Yaks grazing in the fields too, supporting the traditional way of living of the residents here.

    Gokyo Ri

    The main attraction here are the Gokyo lakes. It is composed of six lakes where the Janai Purnima festival takes place. This is a religious event where believers take a holy bath in the lakes to celebrate purity and security. Make your way here and be a part of this Hindu Nepalese tradition as you admire the surrounding views of the lake. This trip is a less travelled one unlike the crowded favorites making it perfect for novice hikers who want to learn the basics from an easier trek.


    This place is a relatively shorter trail compared to the other paths in the mountain ranges but definitely a worthwhile place to visit. Enjoy glorious hours of hiking in the hills filled with different vegetation. Then proceed to the middle of the forest where you spend time bird watching. Its name also loosely translates to “Hills of Flowers” making it a great destination during spring and summer for visually delighting flowers that bloom with vibrant colors in the area.