The Best Beaches in Indonesia



  • With the summer season taking over, everyone has one holiday trip in mind—the beach. One of the best destinations to the sands and waters is Indonesia. This archipelagic country has 17,000 islands, no wonder why it is surrounded by the best shorelines. The country’s gift of nature plus world class activities makes it a certified summer destination worth a visit.

    Before you take that plunge, here are the best local beaches you can book this season.

    Pink Beach, Komodo Island

    You guessed it right, this beach is known for being literally pink. Who doesn’t want to see a different kind of beach, right? Microscopic animals called, Foraminifer, attach itself in the corals giving it a different hue. Another info that sticks out with this is, it is located in Komodo Island, home of fascinating Komodo dragons. Hit two “unique” stones at once in this place, get to see pink waters and an endemic Indonesian reptile.

    The 17 Islands, Riung

    Imagine island hopping to 17 islands in this remote fishing village. You will definitely be able to say that your trip was full. Most travellers visit at least 4 of the main islands here namely, Bat Island, Rutong Island, Tembang Island and Tiga Island. Get to see the massive bat colonies in Bat Island, the corals underwater in Rutong Island, go camping in Tembang Island and enjoy a boat ride in Tiga Island.

    All the islands are not crowded, giving you privacy with your friends and family during your beach holiday.

    Bingin Beach, Bali

    To those who want fun activities and modern facilities close by, this is the best choice for you. Restaurants and bars surround this coast. Lots of tourists gather here giving you a terrific vibe. The waves here are best for surfers that’s why people from around the globe check it out. Go swimming with everything you need and want in a good vacation within reach here in these golden shores.

    Nusa Penida, Bali

    This stretch of beaches is famous for you have to hike through the cliffs and incredible terrain before reaching its stunning sands in front of glorious waters. Each beach here is known for something special.

    Go to the white sands of Atuh Beach to enjoy delicious food and fresh coconuts. Tembeling beach for secret swimming holes, Kelingking Beach for a T-rex shaped cliff while Crystal Bay is best for snorkelers.