Success Stories of Old and Modern China



  • China is one of the most influential countries in the world. From its colorful history to its present economic growth, China is a country that is worth visiting and exploring. True to its nickname, The Red Dragon, which denotes success, the incredible destinations here will make you feel the triumph of your journey.

    Discover the stories of success from the past and modern tourist spots of the People’s Republic of China.

    Historical DestinationsModern Destinations

    The Great Wall of China (Huairou District)

    The Great Wall is a true testament of China’s past. It was first built in 7th Century BC to protect their old territories from foreign explorers and invaders. The world’s longest borders are standing still proving the nations great success in safeguarding their land.

    The Bund (Shanghai)

    The Bund or Waitan is found on the western bank of Huangpu River. Zhongshan road stretches along the riverside surrounded by business centers and various café’s restaurants, hotels, and art museums cementing the Chinese economic success.

    The Terracotta Army (Shaanxi)

    These life-sized figures truly define China’s victory during pre-historic times. This marvelous earthenware was modeled from real life. They represent the army that took down aggressors of their empire.

    Chengdu Panda Museum (Chengdu)

    China’ national animal is the Giant Panda. For a while, Giant Pandas were endangered and conservation in the research base started. After a few years, they were able to lift the numbers of the gentle giants. Now, interactive panda exhibits, and experiences are done to continue its mission.

    The Summer Palace (Beijing)

    The 2.9 square kilometer kingdom consists of great structures, lakes and gardens originally housing the members of the Qing Dynasty. The previous leaders of China represent the country’s orderly organization that remained strong over the years


    Guilin’s mountains and lakes makes its modern tourism very eminent. The food industry, hiking, biking, boat tours, hotels and shops remain strong in the region. The city’s mixed rural-urban vibes constantly put it in the map.

    Forbidden City (Beijing)

    The opulent city is perhaps the oldest palatial area in the world. Lined up inside are the emperors’ houses, gardens and fortresses showcasing the traditional archetype in the old dynasties. Time continues to enhance its elegance and value making it a very successful tourist spot that preserves China’s cultural origins.


    The water towns of Jiangsu province are a present-day haven for tourist who wish for traditional boat rides around the ancient houses of the area. The styles might be old, but you can definitely experience it in modern life.

    Hanging Monastery (Datong)

    Situated midair the cliffs of Mount Heng is a scared temple manifesting the old religions and beliefs of China. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism was celebrated here ensuring its continuous practice until present times.

    Pudong Skyline (Shanghai)

    China’s present economic growth is greatly seen in this commercial area. It is considered to be one of the country’s top centers of finance. The Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Jin Mao Building are some of the establishments located here.