Spring Destinations in Belgium



  • Everybody deserves to have their best spring break. As the name suggests everything springs back to life during this time. This season brings endless opportunities to have the time of your life. Nature hikes, outdoor activities, food trips in various and café and restaurants plus exciting concerts and events are just around the corner for you to take part in.

    There are many countries you can visit to experience these exhilarating pleasures and Belgium is on top of the list of the most recommended ones.

    So, what are you waiting for? Finish up your spring cleaning and travel to the land of chocolates, waffle and beer and have a good time!

    Castles in Belgium

    There are around 3000 castles in Belgium. So, why not start off your trip like royalty and set foot in one. You cannot visit all of them but at least 400 are now hotels and museums which houses cultural heritage from countless seasons before. Visit the Antwerp Borrekens Castle, Cleydael Castle Cleydael Castle or the Solvay Castle of La Hulpe and stroll the surrounding parks that sparks during springtime.

    Meise Botanic Garden

    Spring is all about flowers blooming and plants getting back to life. Seeing this happen is a must this time of the year. And when you make your way in Belgium, the best spot to see this is in the Meise, just north of Brussels. The largest greenhouse garden in the country grows various types of flowers like, magnolias, conifers, roses, and lots of medicinal plants. Plants from all regions of the world grow together here making it a remarkable symbol of spring.

    Spring in the Capital

    Brussels has the best things the country could offer. Calm yourself and relieve your stress in the cafes and restaurants in the terraces. Join guided tours to discover the nation’s cultural heritage or go biking under the spring sun and see up-close the neighborhood.

    Hallerbos Forest

    From the capital, take a short trip by bus or train to the municipality of Halle and see the world-renowned bluebell carpeted forest that will give you the magical power of spring. Take pictures in this fairy tale land and have the best pictures you can post on social media.

    Cherry Blossoms

    When we think of spring, we think about Cherry Blossoms. Most vacationers seek the Sakura of Japan but little do they know that you can also marvel at these pink flowers in Belgium. You can visit Josaphat Park in Brussels to see an arch of these pink clouds, or if you want see more, just take a more than an hour trip to the municipality of Hasselt and see around 200 of these in the Japanese Garden.