Spending Tips when You Shop in a Foreign Country



  • Shopping is a must when we go overseas. It’s a part of every tourist’s plan and schedule. All the bright new things around us looks so neat and special. Whether it’s food, clothes, accessories, or any kind of souvenir, we feel the urge to buy it to make our travel collection complete.

    As vacationers, we find ways to remember our awesome experience before it even ends, that’s why we decide to splurge on new stuff to consume or keep as a memento in foreign shops and markets.

    But problem arises when it’s time to pay. Is this authentic? Am I paying the right amount? Is it of good quality? These are the questions that pop into our heads while looking from stall to stall. Which is why it is quite important to know how you will spend your money wisely when you go shopping abroad.

    Here are some tips on how you can acquire the best things in a foreign market.

    Set Your Budget

    Too much excitement might lead us to exceed our spending limit. Anticipate this and set your budget right from the start. You need to fully imagine not just your finances during the trip but your savings as a whole. If you determine this right from the beginning, you’ll be able to have a mindset that will allow you to be free from the worries of overspending. Doing this will give you total control. You don’t want to return home with empty pockets, right?


    Be armed with information at the very start of your trip. Grab anything you can find about the place you’re going to. Knowing ahead the things you want to buy will make your spending plans just right.

    Search for the popular souvenirs and the other stuff that you are really interested in to maximize your budget and even minimize your shopping time. When you are finally roaming around, you’ll set your priorities straight and avoid making U-turns for things that you don’t really desire.

    Do what the locals do

    Make sure to watch and ask around. Of course, the locals know the best in their area. Ask them where to buy the best gifts and keepsakes. Be guided accordingly to best deals and good quality. In the marketplace, try to look around and see where the long queues are, most likely the best of the best is there.


    Not every initial price is the last price nor the real price. It is a given that merchants want to gain more profit. Seeing a foreigner in the marketplace will give them an opportunity to earn more especially when you are in the dark of the real cost of things. Make sure to bargain to check if you can lessen the price. Negotiate well and get chances of paying for the right amount. Take the chances and maybe you’ll even get a good discount.

    Hold off

    Sometimes you need to stop, back off and think for a while. For sure, there are many other shops offering the same products. It might be a new thing to your eyes but constantly remind yourself that what you are buying is a local item, most of the time you can easily see it in another corner too. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with options. Compare and contrast everything to get your money’s worth at the end.


    As for any product or service, quality comes first. You want to shop for things that will be worth it. Good quality will give you full satisfaction. For mementos and souvenirs, you’d want something that will last for a long time. Don’t just buy things because they look good on the outside. Always check if its of good taste or durable enough.

    Contingency plan

    Let’s be honest, when you are in a new place there are less chances that you might return soon. As much as we want to be thrifty in shopping, also reward yourself with extra allowance. Secure your urges with a contingency budget and allow yourself from time to time to purchase things that catches your eye.