Travelling to Italy? Check out these 5 romantic ideas!



  • Fall in love all over again as you visit the most romantic place on earth with your partner. Take your relationship to another level as you experience these dreamy attractions and activities in Italy.

    Italian Cuisine, Red Wine and Chocolates

    Food is a must when you go on dates, so take advantage of Italy’s world-famous cuisine. Enjoy a perfect blended Cappuccino during breakfast, pick between authentic Spaghetti or Risotto for lunch, munch on Pizza for snacks, Ravioli for dinner and Gelato for dessert. Food brings people together that’s why for sure you and lover’s bond will be even stronger.

    Italy is the leading producer of wine all over the world. Chill and swap stories with each other while sipping the best selection of vino.

    And of course, who doesn’t fall in love more with Chocolates. Bite after bite, for sure you’ll have wonderful moments together.

    Trevi Fountain and Ponte Vecchi

    Love superstitions are also big in Italy. Surely, you’ve caught a glimpse of these in movies and alike.

    Just like the coin tossing in Trevi Fountain at Rome. People follow various beliefs about it. From throwing it from the left rather than the right, to the number of coins tossed. Promise your partner to return to Rome with her or make a wish for everlasting togetherness. Whichever will truly be a memorable activity that will make it worth going there.

    You can also profess eternity with each other by putting locks in the love bridge of Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It symbolizes the forever lasting love of couples by locking themselves together. Make vows of forever with your partner and lock in this moment.

    Gondola Ride

    Live the dreams of a lot of couples and go on a Gondola Ride in Venice. Enjoy the ride while holding hands as you float away the Grand Canal. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a real singing gondolier! But in reality, just expect them to tell you wonderful stories about your surroundings, real life experiences and successful love stories. Totally worth it! Spend quality time with your devoted with the ride of your life.

    Horseback riding

    For outdoor activity loving couples out there, one of the best options to experience is horseback riding in Tuscany. Travel the countryside mounted on a horse while breathing in the scenic hills around you.

    Know and appreciate more about the country’s history as you go on your trail. Its also a good way to know the other side of your partner in a not so cozy environment. Get closer than ever on your sweet ride.

    Church Vows

    You don’t need to be actually married before you say your vows. Express your love and devotion to your special someone as you visit the pristine churches in Italy. Visit the Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence, Basilica San Marco in Venice or the Duomo Di Milano in Milan. Be fascinated together with the excellent architectural infrastructure and designs of these cathedrals. And ask the Lord to bless your relationship always.