Productive Things to do during Your Quarantine



  • Travelling to another place nowadays might require us to be in isolation for a few days.

    As excited as we are to explore places right away, we must abide by the rules for our own and everybody else’s safety. But who says we cannot enjoy our isolation time? Here are some ideas on how you can be more productive in the four corners of your room.

    Learn a new language

    Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a new place without worrying about the language barrier?

    No problems on understanding signs and destinations, no difficulties in haggling when shopping and no trouble in figuring out a menu. Get to know the locals and make a new friend. So why not spend your alone time learning a phrase or two? Sure, being fluent will take a lot of time but learning few words will definitely make travelling easier.

    Catch up with your friends and family online

    The busier we get, the less we remain in contact with our family and friends. It’s not intentional but of course we need to make a living for ourselves. Use modern technology to your advantage and virtually reunite with your pack. Surprise your grandparents and parents with an unexpected video call. They do love moments like that. Rekindle friendships with your long-lost neighborhood and school friends. Laugh about stories from the past then update each other with the latest news. Spend these times as if you are sitting beside each other and have a fruitful time.

    Finish your office tasks

    Yes, you went on vacation to get away from your job. But you should be wise enough to realize that this golden time is also an opportunity for you to clean off the pile of deadlines you have on hand. As they say, make the most out of it, grab your pen or laptop and finish off the unending tasks that you can’t seem to dive into during working hours. Impress your boss with a triumphant return, plus no need to go overtime for stacked up work when you return from vacation.

    Make a life plan

    Isolation time is alone time. This is the moment where you can think, meditate, and plan your future.

    Ask yourself and realize if you are still in line with achieving your goals and dreams or maybe you are walking the wrong path to success. You can also figure out the new things you want to pursue. Whether it’s a thing you can buy or a new skill you will learn, thinking seriously about this by yourself will help you actualize your life.

    Relax and Sleep

    How many times have you told yourself that you’re so tired from work and you need more sleep?

    Now is your chance. The hustle and bustle in the city wear us down. We need to regain our strength and revitalize our bodies. Besides, after your quarantine period you’ll be needing your strength again to delve into new adventures. Appreciate this moment, sleep to your heart’s content.