Plan your Next Trip with Perfect Options for Perfect Vacations



  • As much as we want to blindly let go and immediately set off to other countries, it is best if we have concrete plans. Wise decisions should be made to fully enjoy our well-deserved vacation. Here are some suggestions every traveller should know before embarking on their journey.

    Spending money wisely

    Of course, our budget will dictate how we will enjoy our vacay. How much are we willing to spend? Where do we stay? What food do we want to eat? Check out these hacks as you plan your next trip abroad.

    Experience Bangkok, Thailand, and book near the center of the metropolis. The average room cost is as low as $30. If you’ll explore the city by day and just sleep in by night, a comfy room in the city central will be perfect for you.

    A lot of travellers also gauge what they will eat through popular fast foods. Enjoy a set meal for about $5. Not a bad price to satisfy your tummy.

    When you’re in Bangkok, a must-do is to see the temples, sightseeing and selfies inside definitely won’t cost a lot. In fact, the entrance fee to one of the city’s greatest temple, Wat Pho is 100 baht or around $3.

    Visiting Tokyo, Japan is on the higher end but should be in everyone’s bucket list. Enjoy the modern city and stay in Central Tokyo hotels for around $100.

    You can satisfy your cravings for the best ramen for $10 in places like Shinjuku and Shibuya.

    And who can resist visiting the happiest place on earth, Disneyland in Chiba. Tickets vary and cost around $70.

    Lone Traveller or Group Traveller

    Whether you want to explore a new place on your own or with your family and friends, there are many options you can consider to maximise your holidays.

    Make your way to Hong Kong by one’s lonesome. Enjoy strolling in Hong Kong Park in Central, Hong Kong. You can also be one in nature and spend time with Macaques in Shing Mun Country Park located in Lo Wai.

    You can also choose family bonding activities such as skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland or in Utah, USA.

    And who doesn’t like the beach, get your tan with your loved ones while relaxing in the white sands of Bondi Beach, Australia or even enjoy partying with your friends in the shores of Boracay, Philippines.

    Quick getaway or Long Vacation

    There are times when you just want to get a quick break from work to gather new perspectives or sometimes you really want to immerse yourself to a totally different place. Whatever it is, for sure there are ways to do it.

    See the beauty of the bustling streets of “The Lion City”, Singapore on a short trip. Easily explore the country as you enjoy golf courses and casinos in Sentosa or simply get a taste of local food in Satay by the Bay.

    For a total cultural immersion, you can opt for a longer yet totally worth it trip to Beijing, China. Know more about China’s history as you visit the Forbidden city and relive the past through its gardens and temples. After discovering more about the Chinese dynasties, try out China’s local delicacy like Hot pot and Peking duck in the restaurants all over the city. Set aside a day as you travel one hour from Beijing to Huairou District and be mesmerised with the Great Wall of China.

    We all have different preferences and interests but at the end of the day if we prepared well, we would achieve a perfect vacation. Choose wisely and have the best time of your life.