5 Places to Visit in Paris, France



  • Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris? The city of lights is a must go destination for everyone. Aptly called as the latter for its striking illuminated roads and bridges, it’s not at all surprising that it is where you can find several of the best tourist spots you can go to. Experience the greatness of the country as you visit this travel gems.

    Eiffel Tower

    Who’s not in love with the idea of seeing the Eiffel tower? This 81-storey building is perhaps the best representation of Paris. Aside from admiring its 324-meter marvelous structure you can actually go inside the tower and create wonderful memories. Go up to the first level of the tower, muster up some courage and walk on glass floors. Stroll around and see Paris beneath your feet. In this floor, you can also know more about Gustave Eiffel and other facts about the tower and the city as you walk by their cultural path filled with information and trivia via interactive displays. Satisfy your cravings after in the prestigious restaurants inside as you indulge in French cuisine. Of course, never go home without that keychain of your choice from the souvenir shop located here for collecting this dangling accessory is a cultural must here.

    Louvre Museum

    Why wouldn’t you go to the most visited museum in the world. This famed gallery houses the best artworks in history. Everybody lines up to see different statues, sculptures, historic artifacts, and paintings. The champion among these, the epic Mona Lisa. Be in awe as you walk by every floor of the museum. Not only are the displays fascinating, but the whole structure itself. Did you know that the museum used to be a palace? Before it became what it is today, King Philip II called it home. After educating yourself with notable art pieces from the past to modern ones. You can also take a walking tour to the grand gardens around the building to have that full Louvre experience.

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    Who takes a trip to Paris without seeing the Notre-Dame Cathedral? Well, no one shouldn’t. This great structure was constructed for around 100 years in the 11th and 12th century in honor of the Virgin Mary. If the walls of the cathedral could talk it would tell stories on how it stood time as France continued to fight for its liberation. The building also experienced disasters over the years and is currently under reconstruction due to the great fire in 2019. But don’t fret, visitors will soon get to see it rise again in the near future. Better plan ahead and put it in your itinerary for future holidays, right?

    Arc de Triomphe

    Wouldn’t you love to see this iconic monument? This massive arch that took 30 years to build represents the victorious past of France. Sculpted on the facades of the arch are military imagery celebrating the French revolution. It showcases the country’s bravery and victory during trying times.

    Time your visit here during the end of Tour de France and see where the race ends. Be thrilled with the competition as you enjoy the festive events around the area.

    Wine bar

    Who doesn’t want to have fun during their trip to Paris? France as a whole is a melting pot of wine for the country has a huge grape production industry. The best of the best wine can be found in numerous restaurants in the capital. Enjoy your trip more as you take a sip as you visit our recommended wine bars.

    228 Litres

    3 Rue Victor Massé, Paris

    Septime La Cave

    3 Rue Basfroi, Paris

    La Grande crèmerie

    8 Rue Grégoire de Tours, Paris

    Caves Legrand

    1 Rue de la Banque, Paris

    Ambassade de Bourgogne

    6 Rue de l'Odéon, Paris