New Year, New Destinations! (South America, Oceania, Africa)



  • Most of us had our share of struggles during the global pandemic. Now that the borders are more open, make 2022 a year of new promises. Promise yourself new adventures in new destinations as you reward yourself with your long-awaited trip around the world this year.

    Presidente Franco District, Paraguay (South America)

    Most Paraguayans rely on their natural resources for their livelihood. This country is aptly named as the “land of water” for Rio Paraguay or the Paraguay river mainly support their daily lives. Given these facts, expect to have the best nature trip when you travel here in 2022.

    Saltos del Monday- This hidden gem is the main attraction of the district. A 40-meter waterfall full of mystic stories stand tall here. It is also a pre-Hispanic Guarani station which tells a lot about the past formation of Paraguay.
    You can set up a picnic here with your friends and have time for birdwatching. Look out for Great Dusky Swifts who plummet into the waterfall from time to time.

    Hito Tres Fronteras- This place means three borders in English. It is fittingly named as such for this is where you can see the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Make it your mission to see this ocean view of three countries at once.

    Iguazu Falls- From Hito Tres Fronteras, take a short car trip to the Paraguay side of the falls. Enjoy God’s gift of nature and take the opportunity to plan what you will do for the rest of the year. Visit the nearby landmarks adjacent to the lake (The Jesuit ruins, The Bertoni Museum, The Itaipu Damp) and make your journey to the country even better. This big waterfall also gives you access to both Argentina and Brazil where you can continue your South America expedition.

    Islands of Palau (Oceania)

    Palau is a country in Oceania consisting of 500 islands. Its culture is so broad for it has Spanish, Japanese, New Guinea, and United States influences from the colonial period. The country was even a part of the Philippines prior to its independence as a republic.

    Angaur- Visit the island and see the relics of World War II and how it affected the city. Go camping and enjoy crabbing and fishing during your stay.

    Babeldaob- This mountainous island is the largest island of Palau. Perhaps, visit during your summer holidays and enjoy the sands and the mangrove coastline.

    Koror- The islands of Koror is the main commercial spot of the country. Grand accommodations await you in this paradise as you get closer to nature and even swim with dolphins here.

    Peleliu- See more than what you see in books as you visit the remains of the Battle Peleliu between the US and Japan in 1944 in this island. Visit the Memorial Museum and be in touch with the island’s historical side. This is also declared as an important Bird Area, for it is home to Palau’s various endemic birds.

    Cameroon (Africa)

    Cameroon is a country known to travellers as “little Africa” for it is made of different landscapes that best represent the continent as a whole. It is made of plains, forests, coastlines, mountains, and deserts. This geographically diverse country would be an excellent choice for your upcoming trip this 2022.

    Bamenda- This town beside Mount Oku is the best way to the highlands making it the best place for hiking and biking fanatics. Make your way up the hills when you visit this city.

    Dja Faunal Reserve- A visit to Africa is not complete without a trip to the wilderness. There are more than 1500 plants and more than 100 mammals protected in this rainforest making this a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts.

    Yaounde- Go to the capital and experience a different kind of plainland. Go on a city tour and visit the landmarks of the booming city. The beauty and importance of the Independence Monument, City Hall Garden and Reunification Monument will surely make you realize that going abroad is worth it.