New Year New Destinations (Asia, North America, Europe)



  • The past year has been full of challenges because of the global pandemic but still we rose above these hardships and welcome a new year. 2022 brings us new hope and new dreams. It’s time for resolutions and bucket lists to inspire and go forth with our lives.

    This 2022, include going abroad in your masterplan. Get ready to travel abroad and explore more cities.

    Trips like these are not just for vacations, but for self-actualization as well. Make sure to have time this year to relax your body, suit your mind, and enrich your soul. Get in your car, ride the bus, hop on the train, go on a cruise, or fly abroad to your next travel destination and set off to a new adventure this new year.

    Image by Sonika Agarwal from Unsplash

    Chandigarh, India (Asia)

    India made headlines after Harnaaz Sandhu won the prestigious Miss Universe 2021 pageant. Her win brought fame to the city where she grew up, Chandigarh. The city was purposely converted to an urban area featuring world-famous architecture and landmarks showcasing India’s modernization.

    Fun City Waterpark- Treat your kids to numerous rides and slides in the big water playground. Experience a 5-D theatre free of charge when you visit this truly fun amusement park.

    International Dolls Museum- Try out a different kind of museum and learn the importance of doll making in India. The museum also features a wide collection of figures from other countries that will all make you appreciate its historic and cultural importance.

    Nada Sahib Gurudwara- This is the center of religion and spirituality in the region. See the great architecture and the people’s great devotion that greatly symbolizes India.

    California, USA (North America)

    Image by Paul Deetman from Pexels

    The land of dreams has always been a part of every traveller’s itinerary. Everyone wants to feel the vibes of success here. The country’s cultural impact through entertainment media and global companies has intrigued and inspired many to experience life here. There are a lot of places to cover in the states, but here are some of the top choices you can choose from when you travel this year.

    Yosemite National Park- Check out the old granite formations with your family and get to walk around the wilderness with a wide variety of plants and animals. Just remember to follow the guidelines and keep your food away so as not to attract a black bear near you.

    Nappa Valley- Go to Napa County and treat your taste buds with the best selection of wines. Visit local wine producers and go horseback riding in private vineyards.

    Hollywood- Go near the famous Hollywood sign and have your picture taken. This mandatory photo op will surely get lots of likes in social media and who knows maybe you’ll meet a celebrity or two on the road.

    Moscow, Russia (Europe)

    Image by David Torres from Unsplash

    Spanning across Europe and Asia is the largest country of the world. If you have enough budget for your next trip, experience the luxurious living in Moscow, where the most numbers of billionaires per capita live. Treat yourself in your next vacation with the best things life can offer in this city.

    The Kremlin- Russia’s power and sovereignty can be clearly seen in the brick walls of this state. Within its great walls are the palaces, churches and state offices that will make you realize how well built the nation is.

    Museum of Cosmonautics- Russia is known for its space research and travel efforts. See their remarkable works and achievements in this museum along with Yuri Gagarin’s (first human in space) space capsule.

    Moscow Metro- Travel in style in the beautiful stations of the city. Look at the glamorous interiors before you enjoy your train ride.