5 mouthwatering dishes to try on your next trip to Vietnam



  • Vietnam is a beautiful country with a fascinating culture and world-class dishes. Its cuisine has international and regional influences that shape its flavors. You can taste Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, and French food elements in its many mouthwatering foods.

    Around the world, dishes like phở and bánh mì are very well-known at Vietnamese restaurants. However, travel to Vietnam, and you’ll find a world of other flavors. There, you’ll find everything from delicious noodle dishes to crispy pancakes that will tantalize your tastebuds.

    While there are countless things to sample in Vietnam, here are five mouthwatering dishes to try on your next trip. 


    Photo - Myra Siason, via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

    An oh-so-satisfying yet straightforward snack in Vietnam is quẩy or Vietnamese crullers. These deep-fried doughy pastries are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Many street vendors sell this tasty treat.

    You can eat them plain or alongside other dishes and sauces. People typically eat them with noodles, soups, rice porridge, or a papaya dipping sauce.

    They’re popular with students because of their low price and are a typical winter treat.

    You should pick one up and try one while in Vietnam.

    Viennoiserie & Pain Au Chocolat

    Photo – 1900mmc, Pixabay

    Vietnam’s unique spin on a crepe is bánh xèo. This crispy pancake contains rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk or cream in its batter.

    All its ingredients are delicious and fresh. In most versions, you’ll find shrimp, beef or pork, bean sprouts, and scallions.

    You can find bánh xèo almost everywhere in Vietnam, but there are slight regional distinctions.

    It is worth a try because it is unique and delicious.

    Bun Cha

    Photo – Buinguyencuong, via Wikimedia

    A Hanoi specialty you must try while visiting is bún chả. This famous dish appeared in Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown episode featuring the former U.S. president Barrack Obama.

    What makes it so tasty is its balanced flavors. The dish grilled pork meatballs and rice noodles that come in a cold broth. Its toppings include coriander, lettuce, morning glory, and perilla leaves.

    This dish is a salad, soup, and BBQ meat dish all in one. It is simple yet hits the spot every time. 

    #4 Bun Bo Hue

    Photo – Thu Truong, Pixabay

    Bún Bò Huế is a Central Vietnam breakfast staple that will warm your soul. It is a treasure chest of delicious ingredients and flavors.

    This satisfying pork and beef bone broth soup is prepared using lemongrass, lime juice, herbs, and shrimp paste. Unlike many Vietnamese soups, this one has a kick.

    Sliced brisket or crab balls typically come with this dish.

    This hearty meal is the perfect way to start your exploration on the right foot.

    #5 Mì Quảng

    Photo – SauceSupreme, via Wikimedia

    Noodle lovers will thoroughly enjoy Mì Quảng. This dish consists of flat egg and rice noodles topped with a meat broth.

    The vegetable toppings include lettuce, cilantro, Vietnamese coriander, and banana blossoms. Other popular toppings are fish crackers, pork belly, shrimp, chicken, fish, boiled eggs, and roasted peanuts.

    It’s a delicious dish from Central Vietnam but almost everywhere in the country now serves it.

    If you want a dish that perfectly balances noodles, protein, and fresh veggies, you’ll enjoy this one.