Maximize Your Business Trips and Opportunities in New York City



  • One of the top destinations we dream of going to is New York. A lot of people travel here for business trips. The city is filled with job opportunities that can totally change our lives. This is why it is called the big apple, more prospects for success reaping in more harvest or apples, which symbolizes more money and profit.

    But of course, definitely sneak in tourist spots to your itinerary as you prepare for plans to become big in the city. Find inspiration in the top landmarks to start your path as the next ultimate businessman. Boost your chances to make deals and acquire clients with these suggested business tactics while you stroll around.

    Statue of Liberty

    This 152-feet tall building is a gift from France to America in 1886 to promote freedom and democracy.

    Just like what it stands for, be at liberty to take control of your life and create your next opportunity. With a wide view of the whole New York, it will give your perspective on what your next step is.

    Impress your team and clients

    Go on a cruise with your colleagues around Liberty Island. Work will be more fun if you build your camaraderie amongst your team during the trip.

    If you are meeting with your US counterparts, impress them with facts and questions about the statue. Flex your mind and be noticed.

    Empire State Building

    This was once the tallest building in the world. Tall enough to house more than 1000 businesses inside. If you make it to the Empire State building, it somehow means that you made it and you are quite successful. Aside from huge companies as tenants, worthwhile attractions will definitely please your visit.

    Grab the opportunity

    Set your appointments ahead then attend meetings and conduct your presentations here. These businesses are global making them your key to success when you bank them.

    There are big chances you’ll meet VIPs or key businessmen here. Try to talk to people around as you explore the lobby or enjoy the viewing deck. Though unconventional, you might strike gold in being friendly.

    Central Park

    This park is quite famous for we often see it in various TV shows and movies making it the most visited park in the US. Business trips can be quite exhausting so always find time to relax and enjoy yourself too.

    Calm yourself as you think of your next presentation or client.

    Make your business fun

    Invite your client to meet in the park instead of the four corners of a conference room. This will be a good break for both of you as you talk about business. Take advantage of this and put your client in a kind of vulnerable yet totally happy experience to seal your deal.

    You can walk, ride a bike, or even ride a horse-carriage, around the park. Remember that you are still on a trip, make sure to enjoy the time too. A calm mind will help you reach your goal in the city of dreams.