Iceland Fire and Ice Adventures



  • Ever wondered why Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice? Simply because the country is covered with humongous glaciers and great volcanoes. There are 269 massive glaciers here plus around 30 active volcanoes in the area. If you loved “Game of Thrones,” time conquer your fears and endure a different kind of experience as you travel and see the natural wonders of the country.

    Volcano Tours

    Contrary to what you may think there are a lot of activities that you can do while exploring an active volcano in Iceland. Topping the list, is a tour of Fagradalsfjall Mountain in Reykjavík Peninsula. Hike the volcanic terrains and see up close how the lava molted the grounds. See sputtering lava and cracked rocks. Be astonished with the red orange against black surroundings. Learn more facts about eruptions and Iceland’s geography in a guided tour.

    You can also choose different kind of expedition and visit Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano. Different in the sense that you will go through the crater, see what’s inside a volcano and even get a chance to be lowered to the magma chamber. A different kind of experience as compared to your usual travel itinerary. You can even enjoy a hot chocolate when you reach the bottom.

    Glacier Tours

    Drive your way and have an arctic adventure in the ice caps of Iceland. Be prepared for the frigid weather in Vatnajökull., the largest glacier in Iceland and the second largest in Europe. Walk on glaciers for hours and admire the wonders of nature. Get to know the feeling of the ice age as you discover the ice caves in the area. You could also try Kayaking in the national park’s various lagoons. There are also small restaurants offering travelllers fresh food that you can buy on the go.

    Blue Lagoon

    One popular tourist must try is the Blue lagoon near Grindavík. This geothermal spa has been proven therapeutic to those who bathe here. Its salt, silica and algae content reported numerous cases of skin problems being healed. This water source has also improved the city’s way of living as it supplies electricity to the area. This modern innovation brought the region to the map for its successful technology and great contribution to tourism.

    Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

    This natural phenomenon is a must-see for travellers around the world. Only a few of them actually succeed in seeing these majestic lights. There are many beliefs about the dancing lights, from celestial bodies at war, mythical creatures, and even spirits of the dead. In Iceland, they believe that it will ease a pregnant woman’s childbirth. Whether you believe it or not you can chase this mostly green shade of lights in different areas in the country, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon being the most recommended one.