How To Kill Time in Airports



  • It is recommended to be in the airport 2-3 hours before your flight. Sometimes you need to be patient as well when there is a delayed or connecting flight. It is a quite a long waiting time before you start your journey. Before you go on a great adventure in another land, your adventure actually starts around the airline. But no need to fret there are lots of things you can do to make your airport stay a productive one.

    Meet people

    You are not alone in being afraid of boredom in the airport. Lots of people are in the same dilemma. Don’t be shy to start a conversation with the people around you. Have small talk with others and learn where they’re from and where they’re going. Maybe you’ll even get new ideas and tips for your next trip. Swap entertaining stories and who knows maybe you will end up with a lifelong friend.


    Most airports have lots of shops in it or around the vicinity. Take advantage of it and maybe you’ll see a precious find. If you’re about to start your vacation, look around and you might see last minute things you need to bring. If you are in a new place, look for souvenirs and one-of-a-kind stuffs that you can bring home. Or just simply do some window shopping. It can also be some sort of relaxation for you as you go from store to store.


    Everybody’s favorite pastime is eating. Seek the best restaurants around and fill your belly with good food. Every trip requires something new to your tastebuds and food in the airport counts. If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, try out some snacks and local delicacies you can munch on. After eating you can be in good spirits, and you don’t even need to pay extra when you get hungry on the plane.


    Avail the worth-it services of the airport lounge. Here you can enjoy peace and quite as you wait for your flight. Sit on cushy chairs and couches and relieve yourself from the noise outside. You can also enjoy drinks and food while staying here. Have coffee to stay awake, soda to refresh your throats or even a cocktail to calm you down. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi and surf as time goes by. Some lounges also offer showers and beds where you can rest in the meantime.

    Sit and wait

    You are bound for an exciting trip. Whether it’s a short or a long one, you’ll need enough energy to endure the coming hours or days. So, simply sit and relax while waiting. Maybe close your eyes and doze off a little before you board the plane. Moments like this also needs to be cherished so that your mind and body will be ready once your journey starts.