How to Celebrate Your Birthday Around the World



  • How to Celebrate Your Birthday Around the World

    We all want to have the best birthday ever. Lots of us even reward ourselves with a much-awaited vacation. We plan ahead the fun activities we want to experience to have a memorable celebration. But why not consider how the locals celebrate their birthdays. Birthday traditions are different all over the world making it quite interesting to experience a different culture on your special day.

    Take a look at some of these traditions and maybe you’ll get to mark your birthday the way they do on your birthday trip.

    Barbecue Party in Australia

    Time your trip in Australia on your birthday. Let go of the usual cake and have some fun outside with their “BBQ.” When you hear its someone’s birthday here, most likely it is celebrated with the grill.

    Eat Pansit in the Philippines

    “Pansit” is a local delicacy made of noodles, vegetables, shrimp and meat. These Filipino noodles are rather long and is believed to symbolize long life. When you turn a year older, its time to appreciate how lucky you are to be alive. So, eat Pansit to have an even longer one.

    Wear Your New Birthday Bracelet in India

    Indian birthday celebrations are rather spiritual. They start the day by going to the shrine before they head off to their house parties. Symbolic gifts like clothes and accessories are often gifted. Celebrants then wear them especially the bracelets for these bangles represent health, luck and prosperity.

    Hafla in Egypt

    Talk about having fun on your special day! Hafla is the Arabic word for get together, party or celebration. As the word denotes, this is a joyous event attended by friends and family which mainly includes singing and dancing.

    Butter Up Your Nose in Canada

    If you tell Canadians that you are visiting their country on your birthday, don’t be surprised if someone will sneak up from behind and do a “nose grease.” They will literally put butter on your nose to ward off bad luck.

    Celebrate Your Birthday on January 1 in Vietnam

    Vietnamese celebrate aging a year older on the new year! Lots of locals believe that their actual birthdays should not be acknowledged. Unless your birthday is actually on January 1, why not experience something new and have a cake on your new year trip?

    Treat the Birthday Celebrant in Japan

    If you drop by Tokyo on your birthday, you can actually expect your friends to be the ones to pay for your birthday meal. For the Japanese, it represents their gratitude for having you in their life.

    Open Your Presents in Italy

    If you choose Italy as your natal day destination, make sure to open your gift in front of the person who gave it you. It is considered rude if you just set it aside.