3 Days in Hong Kong Itinerary



  • If you fancy going to a place where you will not waste a single moment, go to Hong Kong. Hong Kong offers various attractions and activities that will fill up your schedule down to the last minute. Prepare your stuff, pack your bags, and set your itinerary to one of the world’s most thriving state.

    DAY 1

    Spend the day in a Skyscraper

    After arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport and finding the best hotel for you. You can immediately stroll around the city to see what Hong Kong is quite famous for, the skyscrapers.

    This urban city has the most numbers of skyscrapers in the world. There are 517 sky-high buildings here representing the region’s strong economic state.

    The best and the fanciest to visit is the tallest structure in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Centre.

    This 108-storey building offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for locals and tourists. The first floors is a huge mall that is filled with luxury items that shoppers die for. Whether you go window shopping or buy something for yourself, it will be all worth it.

    After treating yourself, find your way to the to the 100th floor and enter the Sky100 Observatory. For around 20 USD, enjoy the top of the world view. Telescopes, photograph booths and presentations are included to guarantee your good time.

    As the night comes you can check in the The Ritz-Carlto, dine and drink in a sky high restaurant and bar, or relax some more in one of its best amenities, the highest swimming pool in the world.

    ***From Hong Kong International Airport, take the subway, a bus or a taxi for around 25 minutes to reach the International Commerce Centre

    Day 2

    Fun time at Theme Parks

    Travelling is all about having a good time. And one of the best ways to have fun is by visiting the best theme parks in town. Whether you are with a small number of people or huge group, your bound to live your fantasies with the most thrilling rides and attractions in theme parks.

    Hong Kong Disneyland

    This is a must for vacationers! The happiest place on Earth totally guarantees an exciting day. This amusement park is for all ages. You can choose calm and entertaining activities such as watching shows and parades or go for adrenaline rush and ride the Orbitron and Space Mountain. Whatever you choose, you will definitely have a big smile on your face.

    Ocean Park

    For animal lovers, you can choose this park to watch and interact with amazing and cute creatures.

    Don’t be fooled in thinking that you will only see aquatic animals here. Along with the giant aquarium are Giant Pandas, Foxes, Meerkats, Parrots and many more as well.

    Apart from the actual animal experience, various attractions await you in land, water and air. Enjoy the eco-trails, the rapids, and rides in the air when you visit.

    ***From the International Commerce Centre take the bus at line 973 or a taxi, and you’ll be in Hongkong Disneyland or Ocean Park in ten minutes.

    Day 3

    Great Moments on the Road

    After having eventful days in Hong Kong, its now time to immerse yourself to the best things the region can offer. Take a dip to its culture, traditions, and day by day habits by visiting museums, restaurants and the busy streets. Live your day like a Hong Kong national as you roam around. And of course, don’t forget to buy treats and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones so that you can share and forever remember the memorable trip you had.

    The ultimate place to go deep into Hong Kong is Nathan Road.

    Nathan Road is lined up with numerous shops, restaurants and all kind of establishments that really shows Hong Kong’s lifestyle.

    To be fully educated with Hong Kong’s great history visit the various museums that showcases its colorful heritage. The top picks for tourists are the Museum of Arts and Space Museum.

    Then do what the locals do at Kowloon Park at Public Park in Tsim Sha Tsui. Have a wonderful stroll in the garden, jog and exercise or commune with nature at the Bird Lake and Aviary.

    You won’t get hungry during your time here for restaurants are found on each side of the road but don’t miss out authentic cuisine as well and enjoy noodles, fish balls and even Char Siu (Cantonese pork BBQ) which is readily available on the street market.

    Finally, for that much needed shopping spree, you can opt to be budget friendly and buy clothes and assorted accessories in Chungking or visit the Miramar mall for mid-range priced quality products.

    ***Take a 10 minute taxi ride from the International Commerce Centre to Nathan Road