Follow the Sound of Music in Vienna, Austria



  • Music Map of Vienna

    Vienna is known for its music legacies. Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart both mastered their craft here. Their masterpieces are very remarkable making them very influential worldwide.

    Travellers around the world visit the city of music to trace their footsteps to celebrate their extraordinary life and achievements.

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Beethoven Museum
    See the life and work of Beethoven up close during your visit. Walk by his footsteps when you see the apartment he lived in. Be inspired as you learn about his struggles in composing while in the midst of losing his hearing.

    Beethoven Monument
    This bronze statue commemorates his great contribution to Vienna. Enjoy the park as well as the different concert halls in the area.

    Beethoven’s Grave
    Beethoven’s body was disturbed and transferred a number of times before reaching his final resting place. Nowadays, people visit here to pay homage to him and to the other composers in the cemetery.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Mozart’s grave
    Mozart’s last resting place is quite a puzzle to a lot of people for it was believed to be unmarked. Nowadays, people can visit his memorial grave in St. Marx Cemetery.

    Mozart Monument
    This 7.5 meter marble statue is made by renowned architect and sculptor Karl König & Viktor Tilgner. The sculpture alone is quite fascinating and adding its importance to the society makes it even more valuable to Vienna.

    The Mozarthaus
    Travel back in time and enter the very house that Mozart lived and breathed in. Find out more about his personal life and other interests during his colorful life. Appreciate his gift of music along with the work of his contemporaries during the 18th century.

    Haus der Musik
    The House of Music in Vienna will truly be music to your ears as you see hi-tech presentations about music history from its early ages, notable decades to present times.

    Historical Instrument Collection
    Your trip to Vienna won’t be complete without seeing the original and authentic musical instruments of the past. See the glorious exhibits with the actual instruments used by the most amazing composers from the past.