10 Customs Around the World that You Must Know



  • Culture Shock, a feeling of being shocked with uncertainty is experienced by foreigners visiting new places. As surprising as these may be, these customs and traditions are meant to be respected and followed as it is tied to a country’s culture, belief, and religion.


    Remove your shoes when entering yours or someone else’s house. Taking off your footwear roots from the Japanese strong attributes towards cleanliness. Especially because they eat, sleep, and do their daily tasks on the floor. For sure you’ve seen Japanese dining on lower tables, right?

    Mind your feet in the land of the rising sun.


    It is polite to slurp when you eat your food. Slurping means you enjoy the food, and you appreciate your host a lot. So, remember to eat loudly in the red dragon.


    Tipping is a must in the states. It is normal to give out around 15 percent or higher to give gratitude to the waiters, housekeepers, masseuse or to any kind of personal service you received.

    Make sure to tip generously in the land of dreams.


    Kisses on the cheeks to greet friends and family is quite common in this country. Some even follow a certain number. You do have to be careful in doing this tradition when you meet somebody for the first time.

    It’s nice to be French and say bonjour to your loved ones with a kiss.

    New Zealand

    Don’t be surprised to see not just children but adults as well barefoot in this country. You won’t receive a glaring stare when you do this in school, in the market, out in the streets or even in the office.

    Do it like the Kiwis and forget your shoes.


    Do not touch someone’s head. It is considered rude to touch the head or hair in Buddhism because the head is sacred and the cleanest part of the body while the feet is the filthiest, so don’t try to point, nudge or use your feet appropriately. If you do, apologize right away, sincerely.

    Respect their belief and it will be all smiles in Thailand.


    When you ride a taxi in Australia, it is better to ride shotgun. Equality is highly valued in Australia and over the years they continue to nurture it and never treat their cabbies as servants or someone lower than them.

    Sitting alongside the driver is highly recommended mate.


    Jolabokaflod is the Icelandic tradition of giving books during Christmas. Strong literary culture led to reading books into the night with their family and loved ones.

    Reading is a must in the land of ice and fire.

    South Korea

    Their bowing etiquette is highly credited from their great respect to their seniors. One must also observe its proper form and execution.

    Bow to wow as you say Annyeonghaseyo in the land of idols.

    The last custom is all about timeliness. People from Nepal, Philippines, Spain, France and South Africa are more laid back when it comes to time. It’s okay to be a few minutes to an hour late. On the other hand, people from Germany, Japan, Canada and the USA are very punctual. They all arrive on their appointments on the dot.

    Respect earned is respect gained. We are visitors when we visit other countries so we must always observe and respect their customs, traditions, and cultures. We’re bound to learn and appreciate it more. And for sure in return we’ll have an awesome trip and meet friends along the way.