City and Countryside Destinations for Couples in Taiwan



  • Taiwan is a favorite destination for a quick getaway. It is very ideal for short weekend trips and holiday retreats. And the best way to enjoy these brief escapes is to spend it with your special someone. Couples can have their pick of between two of the most popular leisure activities during their visit in the bubble tea country. Lovers can choose between two very different types of romantic dates that will unquestionably bring their relationship to another level. They can opt to have a memorable city date or an exciting province bonding.

    Lovers in the City

    Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

    ***Take THSR (or TRA) to Taipei Station then transfer Taipei MRT to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station.

    Start off your ci ty tour to a mandatory place to visit, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The latter is named after their renowned leader who shaped Taiwan to what it is now. Take a glimpse of Taiwanese history and culture here.

    Every relationship gets stronger with good communication, you can talk about Taiwanese history and culture as you stroll the area.

    Also, don’t forget the change of guards every hour. It showcases the military’s precision and their great respect to their nation.

    Taipei 101

    ***Take the Red Line (Xiangshan train) to Taipei 101 station 

    Your next stop is a date in the heavens in one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Your emotions will indeed be sky high when you go up this tower. Hold your partners hand as you reach the 89th floor in 37 seconds. Take a photo to remember the experience with as you visit the observatory and have a panoramic view of Taipei. Hope together that your relationship will be as strong as the building for it is built to withstand even the strongest typhoons and earthquakes.

    Taiwanese Massage

    Enjoy a couple massage with a twist. Try something new with your partner and have a knife massage. This 2000 year old traditional massage is known for its uniqueness and effectiveness, going through this massage will give you something to talk about for ages.

    Partners in the Province

    Miaoli County

    ***Take the 2-hour train or bus ride from Taipei to Miaoli

    They say that people reveal their true nature when they experience something different from what they are used to. Get to know your partner more as you travel to the western part of Taiwan, Miaoli, also known as “Mountain Town.” Hike with excitement as you go up the hills as you prepare yourselves from ginger farming. Cultivate the sand as you cultivate your own relationship. Enjoy picking out various greens for your own authentic Taiwanese food which you can later enjoy with your partner after a hard day’s fun activity together.

    Make your own Tea

    Taiwan is world-famous for its tea. Have a taste of the best tea in Miaoli as you harvest and make it with your own hands. This tea making experience will help both of you appreciate the goodness of things when you do it passionately together.

    Luodong Night Market

    ***Take a train or bus for an hour to Luodong Station

    This is perhaps the most anticipated activity of tourists. A wide variety of traditional and modern food can be seen here. Couples can go hand in hand as you go stall hopping and taste everything you want in sight.