Celebrate Christmas Traditions Around the World



  • Christmas time is travel time! Enjoy the holidays breathing in the wondrous countryside or seek new adventures in an unfamiliar city. To celebrate the merriest season to the maximum level, get to know Christmas traditions all over the world and make this vacation your gift to yourself as you visit and participate in Christmas festivals and activities in these joyous destinations.

    Giant Lanterns (Parol) of the Philippines

    The Philippines celebrate Christmas from September. They have the longest Christmas season in the world. Filipinos are mostly Catholics that’s why they give high regard to Christmas. So, expect the best holiday celebration in this country. And starring the festivities are the giant lanterns or Parols hanged in houses all over the nation. It symbolizes the big star that guided the three kings that visited Jesus in Betlehem on his birth. Roam around Filipino neighborhoods and see various designs and lights that will leave you with a happy heart.

    2 days of Christmas in The Netherlands

    People from the Netherlands celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their immediate family like the rest of the world. They open gifts and stuff their stomach as they catch up with their parents and siblings. But December 26 is a whole new day of activities with either loved ones or friends outdoors. Popularly known to the Dutch as Tweede Kerstdag or Boxing Day to most countries of Europe, it originated from servants going back to their families after Christmas day to give gifts and have their post celebration. Nowadays, going to the mall, dining and drinking with friends or even going to the mall are popular activities on this day.

    Summer Christmas in Australia

    Santa Clause looks a little different in Australia. St. Nicholas is dressed up with the same red suit but in short pants. The country which is in the southern hemisphere does not experience colder weather or winter like most parts of the globe at this time. That’s why their Christmas culture adapted to it over the generations. And since it falls on the hot season, a lot of our mates celebrate it outdoors. After having Christmas lunch, they go swimming or surfing then have some “barbie” or barbecue outside. Spending time with the family is a must but truly quite different from the white Christmases we know, right?

    Feliz Navidad in Spain

    Spain being one of the early propagators of Catholicism around the world follows religious traditions up to this day. People swarm the church to attend La Misa del Gallo or the Midnight Mass to profess their happiness to the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. On Christmas day, most dishes served are seafood. Lobsters, crabs and other shellfish is the way to go during their family banquet. Christmas season also extends in Spain as they celebrate Innocent Saints Day on the 28th and children open more gifts on Epiphany day which is celebrated on January 5th.

    A different kind of tree in India

    Although Christianity is not the prevalent religion in India, millions still celebrate Christmas there. A unique tradition to them is decorating Mango or Banana Trees as Christmas trees. These trees are more widespread in this country making them use it instead of the usual pine. Another tradition observed religiously here is putting oil lamps on roofs to profess their belief in Jesus as the light of the world.