Celebrate Chinese New Year in Different Parts of the World



  • Chinese New Year is celebrated between January 21 to February 20 as per the western calendar. It is also called the Lunar New Year for it falls on the day when the new moon rises thus changing the exact day of the celebration change every year. It is widely celebrated in East Asia as well as in other parts of the world with distinct Chinese communities.

    China’s new year traditions and astrological philosophies indeed got a foothold in a lot of places making it a yearly festival-to-go-to by global tourists. Listed down below are some countries where the Chinese New Year is significantly celebrated. Join in their respective festivities as you travel for the Lunar New Year.


    In mainland China, it’s the hugest celebration of the year which lasts for 15 days ending on the first full moon. According to their culture and beliefs these are the days that you should commemorate and be thankful for god’s creation. The start of the Chinese New Year or their Spring Festival also means the ascension of a new Chinese zodiac animal as another one passes in its 12-animal lineup. This cycle represents their luck and fortune for that incoming year which is quite influential and popular globally for a lot consider or live by their horoscopes.

    Visit the main cities where it is best to celebrate the new year. Beijing for Temple fairs, Harbin for the Snow Festival, Guangzhou for the flower fairs and Hongkong for huge parties and events. Celebrate like a local and observe their new year celebration routines. Take part in putting up decorations, offering sacrifices to ancestors, giving red envelopes and gifts, and watching fireworks and lion dances when you travel to the mainland during this holiday.


    There are around 7 million Chinese nationals in the country. It is not an official holiday in the country, but crowds gather (Chinese and other nationalities included) to have a party along the streets where most people wear red, which is considered lucky as per the latter’s culture. This is mainly celebrated in the roads of Yaowaraj, Bangkok which is considered as the Chinatown of the country.

    Phuket is also known to host several beach parties leading to the new year making it a perfect lunar New Year Spot.


    Chinese New Year is an official holiday in the Philippines. School and work are put to a halt to celebrate with the Filipino-Chinese. There are a lot of Chinese in the country and Filipinos celebrate with them to show how much they treasure their relationship and value their presence in the country. The elders give away ‘ampao’ (ang-pao or hong-bao in other countries), a red envelope with money as a gift as they wish prosperity for another in the new year. Dragon Dances and other decorations fill up the city of Binondo, where a lot of Chinese nationals reside during this time of the year.


    Although not a statutory holiday in Canada, a lot of Canadian-Asian companies close or reduce their working hours on this day for numerous Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese reside in the country. The country gives high regard to this holiday even issuing astrological stamps with the corresponding zodiac every year.

    Among the new year activities in Canada, the most popular one is the traditional parade of Vancouver’s Chinatown which draws a crowd of more than 100,000 who timed their visit there to see over 3,000 performers in the said parade. The best lion dancers join in the long kilometer route to the town’s Classical Chinese Garden where they join in the joyful Chinese temple fair.


    The Lunar New Year’s great influence can even be seen in the East African country, Mauritius. There’s quite a number of Sino-Mauritians (Mauritians of Chinese ancestry) that’s why they carry on with their traditions up to this day. During this holiday, they value family togetherness, great food, and cool festivities. Neighborhoods and restaurants are filled up with various food that symbolizes prosperity. Firecrackers are lit in front of shops and businesses to ward off evil spirits. And Mauritians exchange red and gold boxes of notes and their new year wax cake.

    Plan your trip to Chinatown in Port Louis to fully experience the Spring Festival as you watch lion and dragon dances and celebrate the lantern festival all around the greatly decorated town.

    Chinese New Year is also highly anticipated and celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and some parts of the United States. Take your pick, travel there, and get lucky this Chinese New Year.