Bring Home the Best Souvenirs from Around the world



  • We all want to keep a memorabilia or two when go on vacations. Souvenirs make us remember the experience we had on our trip. Our emotions are immortalized in this one piece of memory that’s why we make sure to buy some before we go home. It is also a great gift to our family and friends as we share the activities we did abroad. Complete your collection or give these amazing souvenirs as presents as you set foot in another country on your next holiday vacation.

    Chocolates of Switzerland

    When our loved ones return home from their trip overseas, we almost always expect them to give us chocolates. We crave for new kinds from different countries to satisfy our sweet tooth. While there are different varieties, the ones from Switzerland are very special. Swiss Chocolates completely revolutionized the whole Chocolate industry. Even though cocoa is not locally produced, the pioneer’s perfect business strategies greatly compelled foreign cocoa producers to export the latter and combine them to Switzerland’s abundant Alpine Milk making it commercially successfully even up to this day.

    Bezoar Stone of India

    For us muggles, Bezoar is a magical souvenir we really need to have. Bezoars are stones from the insides of goats and other animals. But even before its Harry Potter reference, this stone is widely sought for in different regions in the middle east and China for its healing properties. Actually not surprising at all for it originated from the Persian word that literally means antidote. Up to now, its medicinal effects is widely believed in India. It is also adorned in different kind of jewelry and accessories. Feel its magic effects and buy it in lots of local stores around India.

    Wooden Carved Animals in Kenya

    Kenya along with the other countries in Africa are best known for their safaris where untamed wildlife can be seen. Adventurers in the national parks have an additional goal besides seeing these fantastic beasts. After their encounter with the big animals of Kenya (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, zebra etc.), they also collect wooden figures of it from shops seen on roadsides. Great memorabilia for a great trip!

    Matroyshka dolls of Russia

    These famous stacked dolls are popular ornaments in households. Figurines of decreasing sizes which are originally dressed up in traditional Russian clothes. Surprisingly, these dolls were inspired by Japanese dolls which eventually evolved into modern ones. Nowadays, you can buy original Matroyshka dolls in Russia along with other types dressed in different themes. These nesting dolls greatly influenced other dollmakers around the world to come up with their own, drawing inspiration from their ethnicity and culture.

    Keychains from France

    Keychains are popular souvenirs not just in France but also in all parts of the world. The goal is to have keyholders representing a place you’ve been to. Everytime you see it, you’ll be reminded of the fond memories you had when you visited it. Always remember your time in the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Château de Versailles wherever you go. You can also opt to collect country-based keychains to commemorate your trips.