Experience the Best “Influences” of Spain



  • The long and colorful history of Spain is quite intriguing enough to visit this southwestern European country. Its meaningful past greatly influenced and defined not just their country but former colonies around the world. Its rich culture has also been passed around worldwide fascinating a lot of people making them very interested where all of it came from. While Spain’s modern ways continue to attract attention globally making it a hotspot for tourists.

    Here are some of these “influences” that you need to check out when you visit the Kingdom of Spain.

    Spanish Empire

    The Spanish regime was one of the most powerful and successful reigns in modern history. This monarchy together with Portugal led to the discovery and governance of new territories around the world. It is dubbed as "the empire on which the sun never sets" for it governed a lot of colonies all around the world. Learn more about the Spanish empire when you visit these tourist attractions.

    Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

    Located in Mount Abantos in the Community of Madrid site sums up the golden age of Spain. Visit the Basilica and admire its architecture and Catholic history, the library which features a wide array of liberal arts and theology literature, the Pantheon and Battle Room, and the gorgeous royal gardens and forests here.

    The Palacio Real (Royal Palace) 

    It is a must to visit the official residence of the Spanish royal family through the ages. Get to be in places where historic happenings took place as you walk by the plaza. Admire the elegance of old architectures surrounding the area as you ponder on past and modern events that was held here.

    Sagrada Familia

    Perhaps one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Spain is this great Catholic Church in Barcelona which is known to have withstood several unfortunate events of its own as well. But this landmark still remains as a powerful symbol of Catholicism which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

    Bullfighting and Football

    Get into the competitive spirit of the Spaniards with these traditional and modern sports.

    Plaza de Toros or bullfighting arenas are still widely found in Ronda, Seville, and Madrid. Join in the fiesta and watch this original Spanish activity. It is best to research ahead bullfighting tickets to get a closer look of this country celebrated sport.

    Everybody knows that Spain does well in football tournaments. Some of the best international players hail from this country. Enjoy La Liga and international matches as you watch world renowned teams in various stadiums in the prime cities of the country.


    Flamenco is a passionate folk dance that conveys song, dance and music which represents the life of gypsies in the past. A lot of theatres all around the nation feature this traditional Spanish dance. Watch Flamenco Operas and imbibe its full meaning and sophistication. You can also schedule a Flamenco dance class during your stay and learn the moves from authentic instructors.


    Spain’s large domain in the past has imparted a lot of festivals to other countries that are still celebrated today. So, it is not surprising that local towns here host celebrate various fiestas where you can eat, mingle, and party all day. Celebrate La Tamborrada in January, Barcelona Beer Festival in March, Saint John’s Eve in June, or La Tomatina in August. Whatever month you visit in Spain, you can take your pick of fiesta to experience.


    Ibiza is a very popular party place nowadays. This island houses various beach activities and exciting nightlife. Experience modern Spanish influence as you spend your day by exploring the town and its current way of living. Then head off to the coastal strip to lounge in the beach as you eat sumptuous Spanish delicacies. And of course, get to know the people as you join a party at night. You’ll never get bored all day for there are always things to do in this famous vacation spot.