The 5 best places to visit in France



  • Oh, la belle vie! Have you ever wondered why so many artists and novelists come to live in France? There’s something magical in France. It inspires daydreams of elegance, romanticism, fairytale castles.

    It is not a secret that France is the most visited country in the world and for some good reasons. It’s an enchanted place full of history, stunning landscapes, and unique gastronomy.

    Check out these incredible places to visit in France and get ready for la vie en rose!

    Paris is always a good idea

    Not only is Paris the capital city, but also one of the largest and most well-known cities in Europe. Paris is the heart of European fashion, gastronomy, and culture. French people believe that there’s so much to do and see in Paris that one day is simply not enough.

    However, if you are strapped for time, you must visit some of the city landmarks such as the Eiffel Tour, the gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame rising to the sky, the Louvre Museum, the Sacré Coeur, or the Palace of Versailles.

    Lush lavender fields

    Who hasn’t dreamed of strolling through the delicate, classy lavender fragrance on a summer afternoon?

    In Provence, the southern region of France, endless lavender fields roll gently over the hills, and has become one of the preferred tourist attractions in the world. And for a good reason: it's absolutely magical! The best time to visit is early in the summer when the lavender fields bloom in a purple-tinted blanket.

    Other spectacular lavender fields you must visit are the Valensole Plateau and Notre Dame de Senanque.

    The magnificent Mont Saint Michel

    Mont Saint Michel is a gothic Benedictine Abbey built on a granite island in Normandy. One of the world's preferred spots by photographers, the island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The island is surrounded completely by salt marshes and sand, creating a mesmerising effect with the rising tide.

    For the most incredible experience, head to Mont Saint Michel after 7 pm. when you will enjoy reduced parking rates and lesser crowds. Most importantly, you will get to enjoy a spectacular sunset you will experience.

    The tranquil Calanques of Marseille

    Nature enthusiasts will absolutely love the National Parc of Calanques, the only national park in Europe which is at the same time marine, terrestrial, and peri-urban.

    “Calanques” is a French word to describe a narrow, steep inlet that is developed in limestone, dolomite, or other carbonate cliffs and found on the Mediterranean coast.

    However, Calanques means “heaven” when describing the location! These incredible natural creeks, surrounded by rocks on the Mediterranean, offer endless hiking paths along with turquoise waters and breathtaking sceneries over the bays.

    To visit the attraction, do head to Port Pin and Vau, which is about 39 minutes from Marseille by car.

    Dune of Pilat

    Let us share with you that this place is mind-blowing!

    Dune of Pilat is a sand formation in Arcachon Bay, with a height of between 100 and 115 meters depending on the year. It is 2.7 kilometers long, and 500 meters wide.

    An incredible natural monument, the Pilat is also the largest dune in Europe. Although it is particularly known for its height, it also offers grandiose views of the bay from the very top of the sand peak.

    Once you climb the top, you’ll be rewarded with the panoramic view of the pine forests and the emerald green waters.