Autumn in Romania



  • Lots of travellers prefer to go abroad during autumn. This season brings the perfect weather and temperature for all sorts of fun activities. Enjoy the great outdoors and witness as nature transitions with beautiful colors.

    Romania is highly recommended for your fall trip. This forested country will definitely not disappoint to mesmerize tourists and leave a lifetime impression on how beautiful fall is.

    Mociar Forest, Transylvania

    Located in central Romania is the country’s oldest forest. Admire the spectacular autumn colors and be in awe of the mighty oak trees in the area. Make sure to see Sarmizegetusa Regia, an ancient fortress for Dacians (predecessors of Romanians). During the old ages, this is the center of their military and religious affairs.

    Transfagarasan Road

    Drive along this high-altitude road and see the yellow-orange leaves from both sides of the hilltops.

    This is also known as “The Road to the Sky” for it gives you a glimpse of the highest peaks of the country, as you cut through the mountains of Moldoveanu and Negoiu. This is one extraordinary road trip that’ll be a great bonding activity with your loved ones.

    Lacul Rosu (the Red Lake)

    Deep within Harghita County is a natural dam lake great for adventure trippers. Enjoy the view and the changing colors of Hasmas Mountains. You can also rent a boat to see closely the sediment-filled red waters and listen to the legend of the killer lake. The story says that a big catastrophe happened a long time ago and killed the inhabitants and the animals in the area. Blood flowed through the waters making it red, subsequently giving its formidable name. Spooky as it may seem, it is still a relaxing view that is known to relieve stress to onlookers. You can also enjoy the trails and have a private adventure to see the beautiful wilderness up close.

    Letea Forest

    Tree enthusiasts and animal lovers would love this nature reserve in the autumn. Apart from the scenic changes of colors all over the forest, get to see different rare plant species in full bloom plus wild animals like eagles and horses that roam freely in the area.

    Vaser Valley

    Cross the mountains of Maramures the traditional way by riding the Mocanita. This train is hauled by steam engines that will completely immerse you to the city. Take a journey aboard the logging train and see nature at its best. Sit comfortably in your wagons as you eat Romanian delicacies with the perfect view of the Vaser River.