Top Animals You Need to See Abroad



  • We have lots of reasons why we go abroad. We want to see beautiful scenic spots; we want to know more about a country’s history and culture or maybe we want to have new local friends. But travellers should also never forget to take advantage of the opportunity to see the greatest creatures on earth. Animal wildlife is different from every continent. They have adapted to their surroundings well making them the masters of their land.

    Great Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

    Wear your hiking shoes and travel to the forests in Uganda and Rwanda. Prepare to trek on the mountains and see the biggest primates in the world that can grow up to almost 2 meters. Encounter these mountain giants as you enter their natural habitat. Just remember not to move and fully submit when you come face to face with them. Though it comes with a hefty price, the experience itself will definitely be one for the books.

    Massive Elephants in Thailand

    Elephants in Thailand have been a symbol of fortune to the locals for ages. History records even show that these majestic beasts accompanied the royals, fought alongside the soldiers, and helped the locals with logging during previous times. Today, lots of Elephant sanctuaries permit visitors to promote its importance and support Thailand’s tourism. Feed them, play with them and even bathe with them. You may even have a chance to go underneath an Elephant to receive good fortune as believed by the locals there.

    Cute Kangaroos in Australia

    Hop on a plane to hop with the Kangaroos down under. Whenever you think of Australia, 9 out 10 times you’ll think of these boxing creatures. Everybody wants to see a little joey peeping from its mother’s pouch. Considered as an intelligently evolved creature, these marsupials had a unique way of adapting to their habitat whether they lack food, water or other resources, making them thrive in thousands in the southern hemisphere. And of course, Australia has a vast array of marsupials. Get to see Koalas, Quokkas, Tasmanian Devils and Wombats as well in your trip.

    Golden Lions in Tanzania

    Wild lions rule the regions of Africa. South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and other countries have safaris you can visit to see them. But one of the best ones to travel to is in Serengeti, Tanzania. Meet the king of the jungle here along with other beautiful wildlife in the national park. Also see cute cubs protected by their pride as you ride on safari trucks. Hear them roar as they protect their pride. Consider visiting sometime between June and September when the magic of migration happens.

    Bathing Monkeys in Japan

    Japan is known for its natural hot springs. But humans are not the only ones destressing in hot water. The Snow Monkeys which are Japanese Macaques also do this in their natural habitat. Make your way to Nagano prefecture and see their similarities to people. In fact, these bathing monkeys adapted this behavior from copying humans. Enjoy your winter travels as you visit the preserve then do what the monkeys do, jump to the nearest onsen (natural hot spring) too!