The Best Staycation Hotels in Singapore

Staycations allows you a quick escape from your daily routine – especially now when we still can't travel overseas! Despite the current climate, new hotels and hotel upgrades are happening all around Singapore. On top of that, they are splashing on deals to attract Singaporeans for are looking for a quick getaway. We are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to staycation - from chic boutique hotels to luxurious heritage hotels, we list down our top picks for your next escape


Travelling post-covid: A never before seen Earth

As covid-19 tore through our cities last year, we were all driven into our homes to bide by the storm. For the first time, the internet surfaced surreal pictures of our streets framed in our new global habitat -- A world devoid of people, momentum and time


Top 10 places to travel to post-covid

Basking by the waterfront, Cavtat is beloved by tourists for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear sea. Upon arrival, you have the choice of lodging in white mason villas and apartments with many having beautiful panoramic views of the entire sea front

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